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  1. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies and helps me. 1st time the wifey is gonna let me go thru with this. I'm working with a closet 2ft. deep and 4ft. wide. It has 6 1/2ft. of height and then a shelf with 2 1/2ft above that. I have 1 cfl on them now and a 400w hps on the way. I also have afghan and thai stick seeds on the way. The pots are about 81/2 in. across and the soil is a 20-20-20 (can't recall the brand) I Currently have 3 bagseed plants that were started sep. 9 and are working on there 4th set of leaves. I intend on planting 5 of the afghan and 3 of the thai stick when I get them to have a total of 11 plants under the 400w hps. Now for the questions:

    1) Will the lighting be enough to get all of them to the point where, when it's I can pull out the males. I guess I'm asking if it will be enough to grow 11 and then i'm pretty sure it will be enough to grow whatever females I end up with.

    2)I don't intend on cloning any of the bagseed plants but when the other's (afghan & thai stick) get to the point where they can be cloned, i would like to keep one mom of each to clone. I would like to utilize both the shelves. I was thinking maybe have the two mother plants at the base of the closet and then maybe a shelf 3 feet off the ground to put the clones on. Now since the mothers will stay in veg. (and this is the part i'm really confused about), How would I go about keeping them around 3 1/2 feet or do they just stop going. If I'm reading everything right, those two plants will need 24hr light while the ones i'm cloning and the other females that i'm not cloning will need a 12 on 12 off cycle. So for the first go round, I was thinking I could move the light and the two mothers to a different space during the 12 off that the clones and the other females that aren't being cloned. I'll only have to move them the first harvest because the other plants will be to tall to put on the top shelf. Any input is much appreciated.

    3)After the first harvest, I will have just the two mothers and new clones. Should I take these clones from the first clones, or should I take them from the mother again. If I can take them from the clones I don't see a point in keeping the mom around. (but then again, that's why i'm asking). So assuming I keep the two mothers and we will say 20 clones, I would be able to leave them all in the closet under the 400w hps for the first 12hrs and then move the clones to the second shelf for the dark 12. That way the 2 mothers would stay on 24 and the clones will get 12/12. I know I'll have to make it light proof but will it be an issue moving them to the top shelf daily?

    4) Not so worried about co2 because I can leave the door open and have a fan going, but I'm concerned about the scent that will be coming sooner or later. What would be the best and most cost efficient way to keep the smell under control?

    Also, just wanted say that I have read a sh*tload of information already and it has helped me alot I was just looking for specific answers and I couldn't really find any that pertained to some of my questions? Also, if you guys could post links to more information that might be helpful I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, you guys are great.

  2. A 400 watt HPS is definately not enough for 11 plants. I have three plants in 5 gallon buckets under 400 watts and I wouldn't grow more than four.
  3. Ok, I read alot more and now thinking about taking a different approach. I am going to build one shelf just high enough to put the ballast and any other supplies under. The 3 bagseed plants are going to be a month ahead of the 5 afghan and 3 thai stick. So I'll have these 11 under the 400w hps (on it's way) and the flouro's i'm using now. I intend on letting them go for about 8-10 weeks on 24/7 and at that point hopefully i will have already pulled the males out of the bagseed plants and now will take out the males from the other two strains. I will also get as many clones off of the two good strains (if I'm lucky, 4 healthy females :). Now I will have around 10 good clones and the 5 females that have already vegged, on the same shelf and the 5 females could flower but I'm going to keep them vegging if what I want to do sounds solid At this point I would continue lighting 24/7 for about 2 weeks. Then 18/6 for 10 days. That will give the clones near a month to vegg. Now it will be 12/12 the rest of the way for the 5 that are grown and the clones that will be maximized using the scrog method.I haven't read enough yet, but i intend on using the scrog method on the clones. One question I don't understand and is why I'm having a problem getting a grip on this method is when you pull them back under, do you pull them directly back down the gap they came up or do you pull them down another gap so the stem goes over the wire. That's the part I don't understand and the illustrations didn't really help but it really is great info. I'm new to this site but you guys have alot of great info and have already been very helpful. Any answers to my post are appreciated. I'll be doing a grow journal when I get the two good strains in about a week. I still have about a week before my 400hps gets here but for now i have 3 bagseed plants and wanted to ask a question on one. Why does it have 3 sets of leaves when every other plant ive seen has 2. Everywhere a normal plant has 2, this plant has 3. I haven't been able to find any info and have put a few pics if you guys could take a look. I also decided that a 4lb carbon filter should do the trick for the smell but will that work with the closet door open? Need it open for ventilation? Does the carbon filter do anything for ventilation (saw a fan on the end of it). Thanks for your help guys.

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  4. Ok, for one reason or another all but one have looked over my thread and not answered. Thank you to the ONE person who atleast gave me some input. I had no idea what I was doing with the first post and have found alot of answers to my original quetions. Now I still need to know what's up with the plant that has 3 leaves instead of 2, and realistically can i get 8 clones from the two good strands and use the scrog method with the 8 clones? and I know he said it wouldn't but can I grow 8 clones under the scrog method and 5 plants normally topping occasionally, in a 4x2 closet with a 400w hps. I don't intend on using the top shelf for anything unless you guys tell me there's an advantage to using it. Thanks to anyone who helps
  5. The two may well be related; it's certainly one of the reasons I didn't respond.

    That said, I'm here now, and will try to answer some of your queries.

    Nothing. It happens now and again. No need to worry.

    Of course.

    As long as you keep the plants small, I suspect you'd get away with it.

    In 8.1/2" pots, you'll be struggling for light at each end of the cab.

    Ok, now I'm goona see what I can decipher from the previous posts...

    Yes. Keep them in smaller pots though to maximise light efficiency

    You can restrict growth with a small pot, and pruning.

    I don't think you are.;)

    Any plant that you want to keep in veg will require 18 or 24 hour light.
    Any plant that you want to flower, needs 12 hour light.

    If you give the clones 12 hours, they will go directly into flowering as soon as they've rooted. Most people like to veg them for a little while first.

    Sounds like a proper PITA moving plants twice a day for the next 60+ days, but again, yes, it should do the trick.

    The original clones will be well into flower by the time you need to cut more, so the new clones will have to come from the mother.

    Here's a mini-timeline type thing:

    Grow mother
    Take clones
    Let clones root (10 days ish)
    Veg clones to whatever size suits your needs (let's say another 10 days just for example)
    Flower clones (60 days ish)

    In this scenario, you'd need to cut new clones from the mother approximately 20 days before your last lot finish flowering.

    Get your ventilation right, close the door, and buy (or make) a carbon filter.

    After all those questions? And you wonder why you're light on replies?

    You'll struggle for space and light if you veg all 11 for 8-10 weeks.

    Doesn't matter, but the former is more desireable; makes it easier to remove the screen if you need to.


    The filter works as part of your ventilation system. It's generally attached to your exhaust fan on one side or the other.

    OK, I've spent a fair while answering your questions, and now I'd like to blurt a bit of opinion at you if that's alright?

    It is?

    Oh smashing!

    Right then...brace yourself.

    I think you may be trying to run before you can walk. :p

    I'd suggest that you either stick with the basics this time, and see if you can actually grow the plant to harvest, before become embroiled in (and getting obviously confused with) more advanced techniques, or keep reading until the fog lifts and you understand what you're talking about a bit better.

    For example;
    Clones would be much better suited to a SoG setup, rather than a ScrOG.
  6. Definately asked too many questions. All this information is swirling around in my head and i see all this potential, but it is my first time and therefore i had absolutely no clue what i was doing and just trying to piece post together to try to figure it out. I would like to thank you for reading and answering my entire post I appreciate it and hopefully one day be able to help someone. Thanks again for responding. I guess the only question i have now is if i use a computer fan and atach duct to it and run the duct up into the ceiling, will that be sufficient for exhaust. Thanks again. I'll put pictures up as soon as i get all my supplies set up but i painted, got a timer, and built this for the smell (got the idea from another great post) to the one here with the 5 gallon bucket and the fan. Any tips would be much appreicated.

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  7. I highly doubt it, but the fan coming with your carbon filter should be reasonably powerful (one would hope).

    Oh. So no carbon filter then?
  8. From what I think I read, it sounds like this can take the place of a carbon filter. So not gonna use computer fan for exhaust, any suggestions on a type of fan. I'm not really handy and never worked with ventilation or anything but am I just going to have the fan facing into the tubing? Is it that simple? Thanks again for helping me out.
  9. This is a paint version and i'm gonna wait till i get the other seeds and the light before I take good pictures of the grow set up but a paint version i drew up. Alread got all the supplies. The purple is a 5g bucket w/ a fan that is suppose to work as well as a carbon filter. All the black wires are running to the powerstrip that will be next to the ballast (pink) I got a fan today and had no prob gettin it to run (once again, a great thread on here.) Now I just don't know how I'm gonna attach into the ducting. I went ahead and cut a hole in the ceiling and just shoved the ducting in there. It's a 4 inch fan and 4 inch ducting but the fans a little bit bigger than the ducting. Will I be ok putting the scrubber type thing underneath everything. The Plants are on a board that has a hole ever 1/2 inch so i'd figure it wouldn't have a problem pulling the air in but i'm new so i'm asking. That's about it for now. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Oh yeah, the room is about 2 feet front to back so room to grow at least to next to each other


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  10. Ok, spent a few hours yesterday moving my setup to a closet where i can get better ventilation and have a little bit more space. Downside is the closet is outdoors on my back porch. The ballast isn't loud enough for anyone to hear it inside their homes and i have no neighbors to the left or right but i do have one above me and below me. Still haven't found the mylar or the ONA so I guess i'm gonna order it online, but i'm still waiting on the two other strands to come so i have time. Temp stayed around 75 degrees all night in the room with the temp outside dropping to 49. Think I'm going to be ok with the temp. Ventilation: Have an exhaust fan hooked up to duct that runs out the top of the door. There's about a 2" space underneath the door and I was thinking that might be enough for intake? My other is to leave the door somewhat open but I would need to lightproof. This black vinyl everyones talking about, Is that something I can get at wal-mart, home depot, lowes. Just a thick shower curtain? I'm putting some pics of my setup on here. The three plants now are out of some good pot i got and found 4 seeds in a half/oz. Don't know the particular strand. Any ideas on how I can improve my room would me much appreciated. Thanks for all the info. It's great.


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  11. seems to me like it aint to stealthy a location...

    I myself would not grow any place that a neighbor could even "maybe" see anything, never mind smell anything

    and I mean see anything, such as light leaks in winter or even me going to water them

    just my .02 though

  12. Where did you get your hps from? and how much did you pay for it, alright you should take that exhuast duct and put it higher up, you want it too suck out hot air which is less desne the colder air so its higher up.
  13. Got the light from inside sun for a 130. I put a camo poncho from the military that i put over it and seems to block most the light. I took a walk around you see nothing, we'll see bout nighttime but i'm prepared to hang another one if i need to. See nothing with the door open about 18" because i'm worried about temp. I have a cheap thermometer that was more of a novelty and it's sayin it's reaching 90 degress but it feels like 75 even under the light. I put the exhaust under the light because I figured that would be where the hottest air would be? It's just running out the top of the door. Question there to: How much air should it be pushing. I get definately feel it with my hand at the end, but it's not alot of air being pushed, anyways, How strong should it be? Like I said the doors open 2 feet so not 2 worried right now and you can't see the light from in the apt. with the door open because the blinds cover it. Really can't see it without looking for it and the way the building is shaped no one from another apartment can see it, hopefully smell it, and the ballast isn't that loud. I just need to completely light proof it and work on the ventilation a bit. I saw something for a $49 blower at wal-mart- need to look that up. Those are my next 2 improvements while I wait on the other seeds. Thanks for any advice.

  14. Ok gonna take the poncho down and hang something that will completely light proof. I'm gonna go buy a piece of ply wood and have it cut the same size as the door except a few inches off the bottom and gonna have a 4" hole cut in the top of it for exhaust and a hole cut so i can screw a door lock on it so it looks like the door that was on it before. If I put a cover over the 4" hole and spray it the same it should look normal and that would give me better ventilation and i can have the new door closed (my wife is tripping about the door being open) Now I guess I need to get that blower from wal-mart or if someone else has an idea of something cheap i can use that will push enough air out. Thanks for your help.

  15. ok, got some heavy duty vinyl to put up and now the door is wide open and no light escapes, my back porch is screened so you can't even see that the door is open but leaving the door open hopefully will keep the temp somewhat under control. What's the highest temp. a plant can successfully grow (my room was getting close to 90 yesterday, and with the winter coming i imagine it'll get down to 45 at somepoints, will that hurt it. I found info on idea temp but it only ranged 7 degrees i think it said 68 to 75. And that's where i'm at most of the day but there are the two extremes. thanks for any help.


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