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a couple questions..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420=365, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. okay so i'm so pumped. Just ordered the launch box, but i have a couple questions??

    1. I heard the vape high is a little bit different. How is it?

    2. How many trenches/hits do i need to get torn up? How many hits do you get from one trench? Like i know ill get pretty high from one fat bowl pack by myself.

    3. how much weed fits in one trench?

    If i think of some more ill post them.

  2. 1. It is different. I think of it as more of a head high.

    2. If I smoke by myself a good 1-2 bowls and I'll be flying high. How many hits depends on the bowl size.

    3. Once again, it depends on the bowl size.

  3. 1. It's a clearer with a more sativa dominant high effect to it.
    2. One, it's rumored you need .05 - .1 grams to get high using the Magic Flight Launch Box.
    3. I'm assuming around .2 grams.
  4. sry if this is off topic but does ne1 no ne growers on this site tht are uk based thx
  5. No need to hijack the thread. Please post a new thread in the Marijuana Growing section. I'm sure you will get much more response than here.
  6. ok thanx ffor the pointing in the rite direction bout the uk grower question and nope never heard of fire but whow tht is some pricey weed
  7. Hahaha. People crack me up every day.:smoking:
  8. Haha, I remember my first apple pipe.
  9. whats funny lol im new to the site so not relli got a clue wha im doin

    jus tryin to get used to evryfin as started a journal but the little b**stards died (rockwool went dry while at work) nt to worry tho plant some more little bliters and will b carryin on journal wen theres sumat to post
  10. It's all in good fun mate, cheers.
  11. ok quik question for ya blunt rite im using a wilma 4 pot system was wondering if i cud put my babies in the outer corners of the pots to give em more space or wud this affect root mass as theese wilmas are very tight on space
  12. No clue, I don't grow. We do however have a great section in the Forums dedicated to growing here.
  13. 2 more questions

    How is the Acrylic Grinder it comes with?

    How long does 1 battery last?
  14. Vaping is super efficient.
  15. 1. It'll get the job done for now, no need to buy a better one if you don't have the money for it right now.
    2. 15 hits on average, buy at least an extra pack maybe even two packs.
  16. Ok i have heard people saying to buy the 15 minute charger, but that is like 40 bucks, how long does the charger it comes with work

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