A couple questions for my first outdoor.

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  1. So I've been reading for about 4 days gathering info for my grow. I ordered my femmed seeds a couple days back, white widow, critical sensi star, frisian dew, and the 2 free seeds the attitude threw in for me :3. I live in New Hampshire so I'm working with some earlyish frost and colder climate which is why I chose September Seeds. Should I germ and plant all of them as early as possible? Also the way I understand it, the seeds will sprout with no light whatsoever so long as its warm indoors, will it be safe to transport them to my guerrilla spot and let them grow there in their early soil mix cups as soon as they poke out if weather permits?(with anti slug precautions)

    I've got a good idea for what to do for my germing and soil mix but when it comes to neuts I'm sort of at a loss. Most of what I have seen has all been teas or the stuff that's basically already in my soil mix (then things to feed the micro culture after teas). Problem is I live with parents and I don't know if I would be able to brew / transport teas successfully, also after the seeds I don't want to spend much more than 100$ at the moment for supplies. Any good tips for stealth tea brewing / anti-spill transportation, or better yet, is there some store bought alternative that might do as well without breaking my wallet? I don't need to transport water to my spot because it is about 30 very difficult steps from a river but carrying nasty fermented shit a mile and a half to get there is a different matter.
  2. You should keep it in house with around 16-20 hours of light for about week to week and a half then transport it to the spot and use bottle water or tap water that has been out for 20-30 hours
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  3. Say I don't have access to indoor lights or a place to keep them which is predominantly the reason why I am choosing to grow outdoors. Its not light out for 16-20 hours in my backyard, but yet 4 weed plants sprung out of the garden from random bag seeds my dad tossed into it.
  4. Well i am going to use a desk lamp and after first week it only needs around 10 hours of sunlight
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    Yes it is becuase it is organic but you will need food additives for it look on www.weedsthatplease.com for full soil ingrediants and full guide
  6. Nutrients: There are 3 main components to plant fertilizers; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on what stage of growth your marijuana is in, determines the nutrients. If you use in-water nutrients, be careful of how much and how often... reading the label could help prevent harm to your plants. I only water nutrients every-other watering.

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