a couple pics....how are they looking so far?

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  1. i didnt include a picture of the 4th one because it never really took very good. but the biggest one in the pictures is the one i was worried about the other day because the yellow tips, but so far it hasnt spread and they seem to be rowing faster now that im giving them enough water. let me know what yall think and if there is anything wrong with them.


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  2. they look alive...  that's the important part when your that early on...
    what is that wire coming out of the soil
  3. It is a temperature probe I am using to measure the temperature of the inside of the closet and the temperature at soil level
  4. I'll try and post a couple recent pictures, you wouldn't believe how much they have grown in 5 days, its crazy
  5. Looking good, make sure not to over water or feed until there at least a month old and you'll be fine :smoking:
  6. so here they are only 5 days later. sorry for the crappy pics. its on my phone. also should i be concerned they arent growing tall just bushy? this is mexi brick seeds i got.

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  7. How do you count the days. Is it from SEED or from the day you saw the leaf break out of the soil you began counting? Just out of curiosity, cause you and I started around the same time so I'm trying to compare
  8. Bushy is what you want, tall at this stage means that your light is too far away. Also, don't sweat genetics for a learning grow. 
  9. Its 5 days since I posted the first pics. But they are a day or two short of two weeks since they sprouted. Do they look ok? Is there anything else I can do to make them grow faster? Also I think I will need to transplant them soon, I can't afford to order ff or anything so was wondering if I could grow them all the way through in the jiffy organic seed starting mix

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