A couple of Scrog questions.

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    Been awhile since ive grown indoors properly and im putting some pressure on my self to get it right. Well as right as a lazy person like me can accomplish!.

    Im in a 4 x 4, 600w HID, extractor fan, cool tube, circulating fan (one atm, have another i can add later), Carbon filter.

    Growing in soil of my own mix (well cooked and seasoned)

    3 Northern lights Fems. Photo
    1 Strawberry Amnesia Fem. Photo
    2 Gifted Pineapple express #2 Regs (these came from a chuck of Auto and a Photo so should be interesting.....) Lets call them a Photo....

    I"ll be scrogging the NL's and possibly keep myself in a state of panic with the Strawberry Amnesia in the corner of the net to. Pineapples will have a scrog per pot. So they will be separate from the others and also each other.

    Questions are:
    When scrogging is it best to top (if so one cut for 4 main, id imagine?) or faster to not top and just do the LST? I am leaning to the latter.

    What height above the pots is your preferred height for the net?. Im at about 12 inches on the scrog net i just finished building. Is this a decent height?

    Is it preferable to also have a second support net? If so when does this come into play?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 6 plants is alot in a 4x4...for scrog 10-12" is good...gotta have room to water n trim. make sre you trim under net. What size pots? Moxed your own soil...so organic growing I'm assuming. Also...no need to top in scrog...slows growth. just LST

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  3. What he just said and even 4 plants can get a little crowded depending on how long you veg for. I'm down to only 2 plants in a 3x3 for my next scrog.

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  4. Some people use a second support net but I think bamboo stakes are easier.

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  5. I top twice - at the 4th node and again when the new grow tips have 2 nodes. I start lst as soon as the limbs are long enough to tie down. I place my net 8" above the pots and tuck through the 3rd week of flower - that way your colas will be about a foot tall and don't require a second net for support. I veg for only 5 weeks and yield 8oz. per plant in a 4x4 tent with a 650 watt led.

    Flower 6 weeks.JPG
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    25L (6 1/2 gallon) pots. I thought 6 may be a touch high. keep in mind that the Pinapples are regs so they could be scrapped if male. I'll rethink next grow with plant numbers/Veg time etc.
    I dont mind using nutes if needed in the later stages.

    For watering ill have rocks on top of the soil and ill fix in place above the pots but attached to the scrog net some PVC water pipe. The net is wire so should hold the pipe without issue. Ill water thru that and the rocks should help break up the stream and avoid soil divots.
  7. Ive got a few of those....good tip, cheers
  8. How many plants do you normally run in that space?
  9. The most I could run would be 4 but I only run 2 because it yields me a pound and that's all I need for my personal use for a year.

    May I suggest hydro halos for watering and even water distribution. I attach a 1/2" tube to the halo and a funnel to the other end - and I'm able to feed by gravity - I can water just about as fast as I can pour. They work great.

    93666_51b5efee7e35e_original.jpg lollipop.JPG
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  10. I do 1 plant in a 3x3 space under a 400w hps using a 25l pot i pull between 7-9 oz a time
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  11. How long do you veg?
  12. Forgot to quote so you know who I'm talking to - how long do you veg?
  13. I veg for anything between 2-4weeks depending on strain
  14. I grabbed 4 Halo's today and some tube also finished building the scrog nets.

    Top or not? What fills out the net faster?
  15. I top at the 4th node and again when the 2 new grow tips are long enough to top again. I follow LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial to the letter - google it.
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  16. I top every main branch once except tge main stalk which i top the same way as mickfoster above. Dont be impatiant man. To get big weights you need to take your time mate.
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    Top it is.
    I normally top the Uncle Bens way (one cut for 4). But ill go for just the two main and then top once again from there (maybe). May be easier to control with so many plants
    I have all the time in the world so in no hurry. Im not in any shape or form low on smoko. Which would be the reason most would hurry id imagine.
    I just like to be in front of where i am. Im currently only 3 weeks from seed. So about to top and things are about to explode.
    I'll be transplanting and topping this weekend i think.

    Thanks for all your help so far. Its fun and a little daunting doing something new, mostly fun.
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  18. Nice pics!
    When you say 5 weeks veg im guessing from rooted clone not seed? With your set up you would be perpetual id imagine.

    Next round ill go to 4 plants and see how I go.

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