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  1. are there any ways to make plants grow faster? i've heard that estrogen usually makes plants grow faster also what's a quick way to dry your bud without losing much potency i dont wanna put it in the oven or microwave because it loses potency?
  2. does anyone think that it would be a good idea to wrap my fresh buds in aluminum foil and leave it on the roof during the day for a day or two because the black shingles will absorb heat and all i was thinking that that may work
  3. brown paper bag mighty be better than the foil.
  4. Here are a few ways to dry quickly:

    "If your in a hurry, it’s OK to dry a small amount in-between paper sheets or a paper bag in a microwave oven. Go slow and check it, don’t burn it. Use the defrost power setting for a slower, better drying"

    "A food dehydrator or food preserver will dry your pot in a few hours, but it will not taste the same as slow-dried. Very close though. And this will speed your harvest time (which can be nerve-wracking, with all this pot hanging around drying.)"

    and this isn't a quick way, but a little tip if anyone cares:
    Once an experienced grower told me to dry in an uninsulated area of the house (like the garage) so that the temperature will rise and fall each night, as the plant is drying. If you treat the plant as if it were still alive, it will use some of it’s chlorophyll while it is drying, and the smoke will be less harsh.
  5. Growing faster....provide the best possible environment that you "mother nature" can provide..

    Drying....Hanging buds upside down with all leaves intact(so they may droop and cover buds)in a cool dry place with slight ventilation,,,checking everyday for mold...If mold is noticed,,increase ventilation..

    Drying over several weeks allows the chemical change to occur slowly,,actually thickening the resin,,and providing the environment for maximizing potentcy potential.

    Light,Friction,and Water are enemies of the the drying/curing process...never use heat....

    For a sample...
    Microwaving on a glass plate on the Lowest setting,,watching for steam..if steam is noticed ..stop the micro and let it cool...repeat until moisture is barely felt on palm of hand....let sit out in the open for 10 minutes......it should feel sticky..and snap when bud is bent....


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