A couple of questions. Bong advice, etc.

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  1. Hey there, I am interested in ordering a bong from this site, but I am not sure what to get. I don't want to spend much money, and I want a small bong that's easy to hide, so I looked through the $0-25 sections, and I came across a couple of pieces that looked pretty good and had decent reviews. Here they are.

    Small Glass Bong - Dutch - Grasscity.com
    Small Glass Bong - Dutch - Grasscity.com


    Acryl bong colored - Dutch - Grasscity.com

    I'm here to ask y'all which one would be the best one to get. I've been smoking for a while now, but I've only used a few small pocket pipes, and decided I don't want to fuck up my lungs with 'em anymore, so I decided to finally invest in a decent bong.

    Also, would ordering off of this site using a Visa Gift Card work? I don't have a credit or a debit card, nor do I want one, so ordering online is usually out of the question for me, but I know I can buy a Visa Gift card at some grocery retailers around town. Thing is, I don't know if this site accepts them. Does it? :poke:



    |||||||Which one of those three bongs would be best?|||||||
    |||||||Can I use a Visa Gift Card on this site?|||||||


    Thanks for any and all help!
  2. Ya dude, they accept visas. & I like the first one...
  3. I advise against an acrylic bong. You might burn yourself with the flame on the more standard of the two glass ones (the first one)

    especially girls with bangs
  4. i say the first one because that one guy said 3 thumbs up so it must have been good for ripping. lol no but it comes down to whitch one you like better. i do like the first one more but your the one who is going to own it. and yes u can use visa on this site but make sure the card can be used out of the states if thats were you are.
  5. The first two look very delicate, so if you're prone to accidents, go with the third hah
  6. I would go for the first one imo. I'm with you on staying away from credit cards but what do you have against debit? Unless your lying low

    Which I guess is to be expected of people on grasscity
  7. Honestly dude if you're going to be buying a cheap/tiny glass bong you should just invest a little more money and buy a bubbler or something, and to the guy above me: you can use debit for online orders? :confused:
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    I, too, think the second one looks good. That'll be the one I go with!

    Ah, I don't currently have work, so I don't have or need a bank account, so I can't use debit cards. There just isn't much work to be found in my local area... sucks, :( Oh well, hopefully the Visa Gift card'll work.
  9. Gonna have to be the odd one and say get #2 but id only get it as a samll couch lazy boy peice. kinda like a gandalf would serve.
  10. save up and buy something a little thicker..especially if this is your first bong..you might wanna go as far as getting something with a glass on glass joint..so you can customize somewhat..with different slides..a/c..etc. but buy what makes you happy man..don't make us choose for you.
  11. sorry man..but i have the odd feeling that your underage..since ur using a visa giftcard to buy a bong..instead of a normal credit/debit card..not being mean or anything just saying..maybe you should wait a couple years before your order bongs to your place of residence...not accusing you of being young just saying.

  12. i use pre paid cards and im 20 lol. but i get what you mean
  13. even if your 20..some stores/sites will refuse to sell to you if they require an I.D pic/scan.

    a lot of places are now 18/21 in order to buy stuff.
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    I'm 21 actually. However, I'm currently unemployed, so I don't have a bank account or a credit card. That's why I planned to use a prepaid card... no harm, eh? lol, why do I feel the need to explain myself? :p

    Anyways, TY all for the advice. Y'all have been very helpful! The second one is my choice. Looks pretty nifty.

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