A couple of questions about toros. Also can this be fixed?

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  1. Hey guys I am thinking about getting a toro and I wanted to ask a few questions.

    1) How hard are they to find in San Diego or L.A. I am looking for a circulator trashcatcher and double circulator tube.
    2)Whats nicer, circulator or tree perc?

    Also, can the bong in the attached picture be fixed? It is a pretty even crack where the worked section was...the rest is fine.

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  2. Don't know about Toro out west but the tube can be fixed. You're gonna have to say goodbye to the work though... unless you choose a blower that will make another section. :hello:
  3. Thanks sensi...that's quite good to hear considering this tube was pretty spendy. Does anyone know about the toros? I heard they are rare so should I even spend the time looking before I just go with a U.S. tubes?
  4. Oh my bad... sorry to be the bearer but circ/circ tubes are very rare. I've seen a few go up for sale recently. Not one has lasted more than 2-3 hours. It's not likely that you'll find one chilling out west in a shop. They're rare enough over here... they've gotta be even harder to find across the nation.

    If you find one... it'll probably happen online.
  5. Since you're on the west coast I would look in to SG Sovereignty. Toro is made on the east and SG on the west, pretty comprable quality too.

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