a couple of questions about my plant preflowers and color.

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  1. just wondering a couple questions. first whats up with the purple? these are mexican brick weed seeds. so i am confused. also is it showing sex? whats the circled things. preflowers maybe? well thanks ahead of time.

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  2. looks like male flowers

    but ide wait till 100% positive
  3. theres purple weed in mexico,but u cant really tell wen its all pressed into bricks.dont b surprised if u end up wit sum purple bud!!!good luck wit ur grow
  4. That purple is like a bruise and was caused by strees of the branch growing out from between the fan/sun leaf stem and the plants main stem. As far as I know this is not what defines a purple strain. It looks like a male. A female preflower will be a fine hair called a pistol and can form long before the calyx. I would hold off on culling that plant until you have force flowered the plant.
  5. is there anything i can do about the purple or is it something that i dont need to care for?
  6. looks like a male to me

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