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  1. Hello fellow blades,

    Here's a few paintings I've done with watercolours. I have always like drawing and digital art but decided to pick up a paintbrush and see if any skills transferred. I will post them in chronological order so you can see the scrap that started it all and see me progress from fan art to portraiture and stuff. I am thinking of trying to sell some originals for a bit of dough on the side.
  2. Any ideas for a style or subject I should tackle next? Any critique?
  3. great work & this one is my fav.

    M.Monroe , E.Taylor & is that J.Garland or L.ball?
  4. I think the last face is the girl who played anne frank right? I think they are all wonderful.
  5. May I suggest you call this one "TWEE":smoke:
    The eyes look very real, That's awesome!

  6. Audrey Hepburn! It's that famous Breakfast at Tiffanys pose but I just removed the long filtered cigarette. It's funny because people usually pick Hepburn and Monroe but not Taylor. Good job. Thanks for the kind words from the other poster too. Painting while high is extremely meditative.
  7. C'mon guys, any cool ideas or inspirations? You guys must have good ideas. You're high as shit, after all.
  8. cool stuff here

    I like the old man the most
  9. wow, your work is lovely Homebaked :D
    have you ever watched the old soap "Dark Shadows"? There's a portrait that's rather important in the show that I've always thought would look lovely in watercolor. I've attempted to recreate it before but I'm no good at painting.. (i stick with pastels :p)
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    Me too!

    In regards to Dark Shadows, I just google imaged and I really love the vibe i'm getting from the photos of the show. The main guy has interesting bone structure. It seems that Tim Burton is going to balls it up with yet another Johnny Depp 're-imagining' next year. The photos of him in costume and makeup are ghastly.
  11. awesome stuff...as for advice...draw from real objects

    get a plaster cast or any white object(or anything painted all white), draw it with pencil...or photoshop and a wacom tablet using black and white

    this teaches you shape without color interfering

    your brain will completely flip it's method of thinking about shapes on paper, it kind of feels like pushing and pulling clay from a 2d surface..crazy shit

    this one is from a cast using just the brush tools in photoshop and a tablet

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  12. Bikiniii Bottom!!!!!!!
  13. killahbyte,

    I am getting around to drawing from life, I know that I should be, still feeling out my waters. I've never used a tablet but I have a few friends who have really mastered them. The depth and contrast of your image is insane! Really love it.

    I am trying to move away from digital now though and will definitely take your advice and use it towards a life session with some charcoals and inks. I like the messy stuff.

    I am glad someone appreciates that one! Out of all of them that took the longest. Great show also.
  14. the painting of that 300 scene is amazing
  15. OMG you are pretty amazing. I fucking want that spongebob one so bad.

    Great work I'm a horrible artist so I don't have any critiques or advice for you but I'm gonna sub to see more stuff.

    Keep up the awesome work!
  16. Great work I am going to give you some rep after I post this. You are pretty damn good with your water colors. I don't really have any ideas for work because you probably know better about the type of stuff you like to paint. But I do have something you should try. Mix your media mix in some colored pencil or some pastels just to try it out at least. Play around with that I've had some cool pictures come out of using mixed media.

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