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    So I'm currently leasing a 2013 honda accord lx for 189$ a month. I was wondering whether or not it would be foolish to straight up go for the buy after the 3 year lease is over.

    Multiple sites say that buying a car is usually cheaper than leasing. Moreover, I don't really care about getting a new car after the three year lease.

    But then again, do you think the maintenance fees are going to increase after the 6 year mark to the point where it would be foolish to keep the car?

    And then again, we all know Honda's, especially the new ones, are reliable. (I plan on keeping this car for 12 years, btw.)

    Do you think that the maintenance fees after owning the car for 6 years are going to be too costly?

    Is it foolish to keep this car for 12 years? If so, when should I re-sell?

    Should I just stick to leasing?
  2. Why would you lease a car?
  3. Maintenance wont be tgat expensive if you take care of your car. Stuff that will probably need fixin are things like exhaust, brakes, shocks, steering parts, and tires and other shit like that. Tires are probably most expensive out of those. But if you take care of it and dont blow the motor or tranny it wont be too expensive.

    But yea leasing is stupid, u basically pay for nothing. I would get rid of it after tge lease is up then just BUY something brand new and keep it for 9 years
  4. I would probably just lease what you have until it's up and if you don't owe hella on it I'd just go get another car and buy. Leasing a car to me has always seemed like a waste but I guess it all depends.

    Yeah it will be fine in 12 years. It's all in how you take care of it.
  5. That's a tough call to make, but def buy, don't lease it's a waste of money...imo
  6. buy a 2-3 year old used cars for 75% of the new price, ride the wheels off it for 8-10 years, then sell it

    make sure its a jap car, and you wont have too many probs
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    thanks for everyone's input. pretty much every car forum/website i go to says the same thing

    And so I'm leaning towards the buy. i probably won't have trouble keeping it for 12 years or more (I don't put unnecessary strain on the car/plan on never missing an appointment) so ill probably be better off after year 9 (i would have paid a similar amount but without a car)


    Edit: didn't have the money to finance it, and I doubt I'll have the cash to 3 years from now LoL
  8. Well, since you know how your car has been driven and maintained, versus the unknowns of buying a used vehicle, and further considering that you have a car that is solidly reputed to go 300K + miles, I'd say the smart money is to keep the car you're in.

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