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A Couple of Beginner Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MoCrack, May 11, 2010.

  1. I'm going to start buying and rolling my own joints as I have normally just been sharing with other people.

    I want to know if I can go without a filter or roach and just twist the mouth-end of the joint and smoke it like that. I heard this can be done.

    Also I heard a thing about people running a lighter flame along the joint after rolling it, what does this do?

    Btw I do know how to roll as I have been rolling filtered cigarettes for a while.

  2. No need to use a filter or roach. Actually, no one that I know does this.

    There really isn't a reason for lighting it, other than to dry it after licking the bit of glue on the paper to get it to stick. :hello:

    Welcome to GC, btw!
  3. So what, do I just twist the mouth-end like I said? :)
  4. Sry, yeah .. just twist it..

    If it's rolled correctly (which I have complete faith that you can do so), it doesn't even need to be twisted at the ends, but typically they are twisted.
  5. Okay! Thankyou very much! Cleared a lot of stuff up for me :)
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    Some people think that after rolling a perfect cone, if you kinda.. dip the joint into your mouth to slightly moisten the paper, then take your lighter gently to the outside, that it tightens it up,

    I dont use this method, i just roll really tight skinny joints about a half a gram in size, does the trick.

    edit: Yo man, personally I have a lot of experience with mooches and fags tryin to smoke my weed.

    Invest in a nice bong and keep those kinda people away by only packing bowls for yourself and not having to pass around a big joint

    2nd edit lol: Plus, bongs also get you more stoned due to a higher THC intake when using marijuana with a bong
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    If you're going to roll joints, filters aren't necessary, but are always good to have. They help to make sure all the weed is burnt, help prevent your fingers and lips from getting burnt, and collect resin which can later be used in a bowl.

    But I would recommend taking ISmokeDaily's suggestion, and buy yourself a piece. I really didn't notice it either until I bought my first piece, but so much weed is wasted with joints and blunts. It doesn't have to be a bong, as these can be expensive and hard to carry around, but obviously bongs are the kings of smoking tools. I would recommend a small spoon to start. Go to your local headshop, and I guarantee you can find one for $10 or less. The only real disadvantages to something like this would be that the hits are not cooled by water as they are with a bong or bubbler, and aren't the best for groups (if you get a small one).
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    Be careful not to wet the mouthpiece especially if it's twisted it will close up and get nasty. I highly reccomend a crutch, which is just a rolled up strip of index card. It not only helps to keep the mouthpiece open but it also has other advantages such as:
    You can smoke it down all the way to the end, it helps keep the shape of the joint, and it's easier to hold, and it cools down the smoke a bit and makes for a better pull.

    Running a lightter along the length if the joint is just to dry it if you got it really wet, it's more common for blunts since with blunts they have to spit all over it and shit.
    Don't smoke blunts BTW, it's tobacco which is disgusting, terrible for your health, taints your weed and it can aid in tobacco addiction even if you don't smoke blunts all the time. Plus blunts are made with cigars which your not supposed to inhale.

    Off topic: go to Google video and watch The Union
  9. Roll a cone!
    You'll never have to use a roach again :hello:
  10. Only twist the end you are smoking, leave the other end open, knock out enough weed so your not eating it (while smoking, that is) and smoke it like that. I've smoked many joints like this, don't twist the end it reduces suction.
  11. I roll joints all the time and I always use a roach. Just a small piece of cardboard off the pack of papers or cigarettes. It keeps the end open better and feels better in my mouth. As for roasting it, I've only done that with blunts to help it dry because I get so much spit on it. With a joint I just like the glue strip and it's done.
  12. About running a flame on the joint after rolling, I have seen some people do it to remove excess paper in some cases.
  13. I never even heard of using a filter or "roach" until I came on GC :) Back in my day ('70s) a roach was the end of the joint and if you couldn't smoke it down to nothing without a roach clip you were a pussy :) I don't twist hard, but twist it a little to keep it closed and keep it narrow but not so much that it's too closed up. Some people like to slobber all over their joints for whatever reason and then dry them with the lighter. Some people burn off the excess paper that way.
  14. Thanks for all of your replies, I've decided to go for the roach. This is my first joint in ages so I'm looking forward to it :hello:

  15. This. Personally I think using a filter or a cardboard 'roach' (it's not a roach) is for panzies.

    Have another green dot on me!
  16. your generation rolls the best joints! my mom and her friends roll better then me :(
  17. Yes, yes we do :D

  18. I usually just take a strip of regular paper and just roll it up into a roach :p Its not like im smoking it anyway.
  19. I would still use a roach , your gonna get a fucking nasty buildup of resin on the end / in your mouth , it will seal up and make it unsmokeable , why anyone would smoke a j / blunt without a roach i do not for the life of me know

    EDIT : also your generation does not roll the best joints , mine does , how old are you? im 19
    check this J out....

  20. Because a skilled roller and toker doesn't need an artificial roach? ;)

    Why anyone would smoke a blunt ever is beyond me too. To each his own :D

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