A couple newb questions.

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  1. I germinated 6 seeds, hoping to get 3 or 4 females to grow for personal smoke. At this point the 6 are exactly 2 weeks old. They are in red party cups and at this point I have watered them a total of 3 times. First time before I put the seeds into the cups. I watered thoroughly with plenty of drainage for water to run off. Waited 20 or so minutes then planted the seeds. I watered them for the 2nd time, 1 week ago yesterday and the last time yesterday. One week intervals. What concerns me is that they droop for about 2 days after I water them. All 6 even though they are of different strains.
    I am using 400watt metal halide conversion bulb in a 400watt hps ballast. They are stacking really well (I think) very very short spaces between branches. The bulb is 3ft above the plants. Any thoughts on why they would all droop after watering?

    Other question I have, 2 are caramelicious, 2 are super skunk, and 2 are unknown from a mix bag of "free seeds" that came with the purchase. The edges of the leaves are a light grayish/green with a blueish/gray coloring in the center of the leaves. Any idea what strain it may be?
  2. I would move them out of your plastic cups at this point. Read up on transplanting if you are nervous, but it's pretty simple stuff. Get yourself a nice big pot for each plant, 3-5 gallons is pretty typical, and move them into those new and final resting places.

    Leaves droop because they absorb the water and become heavier. It certainly doesn't seem like you are over watering, but maybe it just needs a bigger area to absorb the water more slowly rather than all at once in a plastic cup.

    As far as your strains, I'm not much help with that, hopefully someone else can answer that one for ya.

    Good luck!

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