A couple L's I took last week :/

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  1. So last Thursday I had a basketball game for a league I'm playing in. This is a playoff game. That day as game time is approaching I just didn't even feel up to playing, but I'm the only "shooter" on my team so I just show up anyways. When warming up I was OFF so I lowkey knew the game wasn't boutta be good. So as the game starts I get two good open shots and missed them both. I was frustrated and on defense I seen the opportunity to block a player nasty. I was gonna slap his layup off the back board. Only thing is....he pump faked. Which led me to flipping over his back and apparently landing on my mouth. (Pics coming). So I see blood when I get up and felt blood drip onto my shirt so I start screaming fuck cuz I knew I busted my lip, but didn't realize how severe this shit was until I got to the bathroom. My lip was completely split in the Middle. But it gets worse. I looked in the mirror again and realized my fuckin teeth got chipped. My two front teeth. I instantly lost it. I didn't even care about the lip at that point anymore cuz right now my teeth lookin like they throwing up gang signs. So I go back to the court and a player from the other team apparently seen my tooth chips on the floor and gave them to me. So I go to the ER and had to get 6 stitches in my lip. So the L's I took were, 1. Losing my two front teeth (that I have to wait another week before I can start the process of getting it fixed), 2. Out $100 for the er visit, 3. Team lost that game I was playing in anyways 4. Bought my mom a fire sub earlier that day that she said I could have the second half of and I was looking forward to it so bad and now I couldn't even eat the damn thing, 5. Have to walk around with a fat lip and thot teeth :'([​IMG]

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    Sorry to hear that man . I'd be pissed too if I lost my teeth. Just know you would be going threw a lot more shit had they actually gotten knocked out and atleast you have the means to get them fixed and won't have to walk around like that for too long.

    Also know how you feel about that sub thing. When I was a kid I got into a fight chipped abit of my bottom front tooth , my mother had bought me a mango (which I loved and still do). I didn't lose the fight but the chip really got me I went to bite into the mango and was PISSED my tooth instantly started hurting......the citrus from the mango didn't help either and the fact that I could barely eat the mango I believe upset me more than anything else lol. But nerve will die and you can get it fixed like I did

    On a lighter note it looks like you have a vagina on your lip.
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  3. Ouch. Sounds like you got some good insurance though. My er visits have a $500 co-pay
  4. Damn they made you look foolish

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  5. When you play it always take a while to get going. Its all momentum.
    Up and down
    Before games I would shoptarpund at a park or something. Get my touch before I show up
    For important games I would play somewhere before so I will already be warmed up for tipoff
    I used to play all day everyday
  6. Damn man. I'm sorry to hear that. just move somewhere redneckish like my area. Everyone has a missing tooth.

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  8. lmfaoooo time for some gold teef
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  9. Damn b I already no u ghetto when u say lowkey and ur name is swavey p.. Lol swaggy p is wack . but I always thought jumping really high to block someone is the most stupidest thing u can do especially bc u can't see what you'll land on.. Sprained ankle or a leg injury.. Gl tho

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  10. Damn sucks you didn't get that sub
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  11. lmao at the thot teeth but I'm really sorry for your loss !! well wishes
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