A Couple Light Hoods/Reflector ideas

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by NdicaBud, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. Cleaning/changing a few chambers,,,thought I would post a few examples,,that work wonderfullll...

    Top one is 4'x2'exit...it is designed to hold specifically 3 400w bulbs,,2 HPS on each end,and 1 MH for the center.

    Lower one is 4'x1'exit...to hold 2 400w MH,or HPS,,or 2 1000wHPS...for the twin ballast oudoor cans I use..


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  2. These are a standard 2'x2' 400-1000w reflectors used in commercial suspended ceiling applications,,,these work very well, for the 400w bulbs are completly within the hood,and the 1000w bulbs only 2" outside of hood exit..also 400w bulbs can be mounted Vert,or Hor..


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  3. what is the difference betwwen the grow lights with the curved square reflectors like the ones ndica posted above and the ones with the circluar concave reflector.
  4. reflectors do nothing but guid the light... circualr ones guide the light in a circular shape etc...

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