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A couple difficult tolerance break questions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by perith66, May 21, 2010.

  1. Too long; Won't Read section:

    If I want to smoke a couple times a week then how much is the perfect amount to still get ripped, not just high, every time after my tolerance break?

    If I'm coming back from my tolerance break then how many hits is the perfect amount to still get ripped, not just high, every time while trying to keep the numbers low for tolerance?

    If i'm coming back from my t-break and i own an inline ashcatcher with a mouthpiece and also a one hitter, which smoking device should I use? I'd assume the one hitter to start, but should i stay with it and not return to the ashcatcher at all, or should I return to the AC when the one hitter starts doing less for me.

    Been smoking for almost 2 years. Started a t-break a few days ago. Gonna hold off until i graduate towards the end of June. After the t-break, i want to come into scene as a learned individual... unlike the first time, or after my other tolerance breaks. Remember when you first started and smoked on the weekends and got as high as a kite every time? Well thats what i'm aiming for... not exactly THAT high, but you know... ripped, not just high or buzzed. I live in a stressful environment, and have a love for the green, so the combination makes it hard to resist the urge when i've got spare money. But I'm about to buckle down. I was wondering if anyone knows "the perfect balance". Like I'm sure if i started smoking once every other week after the break then i wouldn't build much of a tolerance... but I am pretty sure that I wouldn't even find it worth it to smoke once every week. I need it to take my mind off things more often than that sparingly. I would really enjoy the idea of smoking every other day with no exceptions, but if there was a strong significance i could go to every third. i'd say possibly fourth, but screw that in the summer time. Has anyone ever experimented after their t-breaks to find how often they can smoke to still get ripped every time? I was also wondering how much one should smoke when they smoke after t-breaks? I'm sure one hit the first time would make me feel awesome, and because of that I won't take a second. But maybe after the first week i smoke i will need two hits. And I don't want to get into the cycle of more and more again, i want to smoke as little as possible, so i want to make sure to not abuse the amount. Has anyone ever experimented with this idea too? I mean I know i can tell on my own how much i need, it honestly is not hard, but i'm trying to sort as much out as i can beforehand. I would also like to know which pieces are the best to use after lowering your tolerance. I have an inline ashcatcher (with a mouth piece, so i smoke it alone and not out of a bong) and a one hitter, and I really am not sure as to which would be the most beneficial to smoke out of when i'm trying to keep my intake low yet get ripped, not just high, every time i'm smoking.

    Final note:
    I know tolerance builds no matter what, and that it may not be extremely ripped every time i smoke, but I just want to get the beginner-type high... not the i'm fine to go to school, have a serious discussion with my parents, ect, type high... aka the kind that relaxes to a much greater extent than messing you up. i do enjoy the chillness of it, but after smoking to chill out so many times i've realized i enjoy the getting messed up part much more.
  2. my friend packs a bowl, hits it 1 time and puts it away for like a hour or 2. he does that till the bowl is done and thats all he plans on smoking during the day, unless he has company pitching up on a blunt or something. he gets higher than i do, and we started smoking at about the same time.

    or if im taking a tolerance break, sometimes i need to hit a little bit of bud, just like a tiny bit, so i can go to sleep easily. i have insomnia or something, i cant go to sleep, i just lay there all night and think about things, and when youre enduring the first 2-3 days of the t-break, its a bitch to go to sleep.
  3. you're thinking about it way too much

    take a t-break for a week or two or three or more if you want.

    then, when you come back from your t-break, you decide how much you need to smoke to get high. take as many rips as you need to get to the level you want to be at. and you figure out how often you can smoke while still keeping your tolerance low.

    how can we help you with that question? we have no idea how weed affects you.

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