a couple days or a couple weeks left?

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  1. these are from today. i looked at the trichomes and some are amber and i was playing to harvest while most are still cloudy. but i was also thinking my buds have a lot of room to fill out so i was wondering if my harvest should be in a few days or couple weeks.

  2. I'm tho expert but I'd say those look beautiful and ready :eek:
  3. Yea dude they look awesome. But it all depends on what kind of high your looking for from what i know.
  4. I would say wait till you see the fan leaves start to wither and turn yellow. Then you'll know its used every last drop of energy into making buds...
  5. do all the fan leaves turn yellow for all plants cause on mine just the inner leaves towards the bottom are yellowing. this mean i have a couple weeks left? i just don't want to fuck up the harvest date and miss out on yield or harvest past its prime.
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    looks sativa dom to me so i would say let it go another week or two

    wait till the calyxes swell and the hairs retract into the buds
  7. Do this.

    Watch the trichs. Not just on one bud set, but on the whole plant. I see a lot of white new pistils. I would agree with dan k. Give her a week or 2. Definitely would start to flush now though.

    You shouldn't go by leaf color. It looks like you have her in the ground, so she might still be getting just enough N to keep most of the leaves green. If she were in a pot there would probably be a noticeable difference.

    By the way, what strain is she? She looks lovely! I like the pink. She'll have nice bag or jar appeal that's for sure.

  8. True. Wait another week or so and watch trichs.
  9. alright thanks guys will do. not sure of the strain but it has a strong citrus smell and for sure sativa dom. thanks again, ill upload more pics in a few days.
  10. Just wait, you'll be happy how much the buds will swell, and how many resin glands will form in the next couple of weeks. it will be ballin.:D
  11. supposed to get down into the 30's tonight and rain tomorrow but sunny and lows of mid 40's for about a week after. im really hoping they did get fucked tonight.
  12. Thats a great looking plant what nutes or soil did u use for her?
  13. i made a huge mistake and didnt use any nutes during flowering and the soil is whatever soil i have in my garden lol
  14. lol yea i have one just like that. most branches are like 0-5% amber with a couple nearing 50-60% amber
  15. Now the time has come brothaman! chop chop :smoke:

  16. looks to me like you made the right decision!

    nice buds, chop time!
  17. the last pics where nice. im thinkin in the ext few days would be good.
    im expecting pics of the harvest:smoke:
  18. sadly my plant was harvested by someone else. loose lips gets your plant stolen, saddest day of my life. a lesson i won't soon forget. fucking friends can't keep a secret.

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