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a couple dabs vs a twax joint (hash snake inside)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Monkeymon, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hello everybody, so i was having a hard time getting really really stoned, so i decided to dab, got my rig and made concentrate etc, got really high but still didnt hit me that hard, today i made a little hash snake, not very thick and i placed it right in the middle of the weed and rolled and i got so fucking baked... i dont know if i dabbed wrong or something but twax joints get me way way higher than all the other times i dabbed.
  2. This is because nothing beats weed. Even adding drugs to your weed experience won't change how good and wholesome weed is by itself.
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  3. Well, the way I see it. I'll get higher from s joint, especially a wax one, because I'm taking hits from it ever other second. I can only smoke so much in so much time with the bong or dab rig. Try a log of weed, roll shatter around it, hash/weed/kief. Then roll a paper or two around it :smoke:

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  4. yeah but isnt hash basically the active compounds? also it was some serious reggie that i rolled my hash into and i made a very thin skinny little joint .. i will dab more and do more twax joints to compare them better
  5. The whole plant is the high. The reason you feel high is because the plant takes you there. Add on anything you like but you won't get there without Mary Jane herself escorting you to the cloud first.

    Imho anything else is not an authentic feeling of high. But drugs these days come close to it. Only perfected nature as is can be that way.
  6. That guy just doesn't like concentrates, but yes you are right it is just a concentrated form of cannabis, often with no additional additives if smoking concentrates that were made with heat and pressure.

    I personally prefer dabbing way more, love the terpy flavor of a dab on its own...I am guessing you are feeling more baked off the twax joint for two reasons, one you are probably using more wax in the joint then you are dabbing at once, and two, the mix of dabbing and weed is making you feel more stoned...A couple dabs and a couple bong rips will have you feeling ripped too, just depends what you are feeling at the time. I tend to not smoke twax joints often simply because how sticky they get

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