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A coupla questions for experienced smokers...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SA_Counselor, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. I am a substance abuse counselor. That said, I think virtually everything but meth, opiates, and some other drugs should be legalized.

    I do not think I'm better than someone I serve, any more than a surgeon is better just because he still has his appendix. It seems many people assume substance abuse counselors are self-righteous crusaders against drugs. And I ain't.

    Anyway, I wonder if some of you more experienced users might be willing to entertain some professional curiosity.

    I've read (and help) people who smoke bowls throughout every day. But if you knew someone drank a 12-pack of beer every day, some of you would quite reasonably consider him/her alcoholic. Do you think how frequently someone smokes could indicate that he/she has a problem with mj?

    Are there times when smoking is an indication of a problem? For example: could there be something wrong with someone who smoked at a loved one's funeral, right before performing surgery, or when spending
    time with a child? Are there boundaries for “mentally healthy” smoking?
  2. Let's see. Well by all means i do not think Marijuana is not addicting,(It Can be Mentally addicting).

    But just about everything has the possibillity of mental addiction. It's not the substance per say just the consumer of the substance.

    But if someone is smoking bud before they preform surgery and go to a loved ones funeral they may need to cut it down a little bit.

    But i do think it is awesome that people like yourself (being a SA counseler) can actually see the truth that the herb is not physically addicting. Its just not i haven't smoked in 3 days and im not hallucinating and having siezers. Actually i feel pretty great
    Srry bout the long post

  3. Completely agree with broboy. I have smoked basically daily for a good 9 years now, and there are times I can't afford my bud or cant smoke for whatever reason. I don't flip out or have crazy withdrawals... the worst part about it is being like.. man.. I wish I had some weeeeeeeed.....then I'm just like oh wells.

    I have seen people though who are definitely not mentally strong enough to control their desire for the MJ. in no way shape or form is it the MJ...just the user.
  4. My intent for the thread is not "is it addicting" but "How would you know it was a problem?" I provided 2 specific questions (frequency and timing) to start from.

    It's important to note that most likely everyone has something they are vulnerable to. You may be "mentally strong enough" to control your desire for MJ, but you might be obese, a cigarette smoker, a porn addict, whatever...we're all human. It's not about someone being weak, it's about how a particular person interacts with a particular thing.

    So back on point: How would you know, for yourself, that your smoking (or someone else's) was becoming less-than-mentally-healthy?
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    whenever anyone starts using any substance just to "escape" or ignore whatever is going on and not just to enjoy the inebriation. thats when i'd say that they indeed have a problem.

    Like I was telling my friend the other day, he was complaining about how shitty everything in general was and how if he could just smoke his overall mood would change and wouldn't be so depressed or whatever.

    I told him that he should probably stop smoking for awhile because it shouldn't be that way.
  6. I believe any substance can be abused.

    I think it's asinine that people here think that smoking weed all day by yourself is completely acceptable because it's not too terrible for your health but it is not acceptable to be doing another substance that is worse for you all day.

    How do you know when you're smoking too much? You are avoiding normal every day activities to instead just get high, or you feel that you need to smoke before doing anything to make it more fun.

    As has been said many times, weed is best used to enhance your life, not be your life. If you ever let it become your life versus just using it for a good time, then you need to re-think your priorities.
  7. I have been smoking for about 11years now and it has affected me in good ways and bad. i smoke all day everyday if i dont have any im scraping pipes. I used to have a good job and a good wife but always had to do everything stoned. Oh were going to the store let me roll one up for the ride. so yeah mj is addicting in a sense i dont go mental if i cant smoke just really prefer to do everything stoned which is not a good thing.
  8. I think the whole "oh it's not physically addicting" argument is complete bullshit. Cocaine isn't physically addicting but I think that the psychological aspect addiction is pretty well pronounced in addicts.

    The thing about cannabis is that it's very easy to abuse. You can do anything while you're high - drive, work, go to school, etc.
    Because of this, I think that weed is EASIER to abuse than alcohol, simply because the level of intoxication is so much less. That said - a heavy user of cannabis will be in better shape than a heavy drinker, in the vast majority of cases.

    I think that the point where drug use becomes a problem depends on the person. If the drug is affecting their life in a negative way or taking precedence over other aspects of their life then it's a problem - the specific amount doesn't matter.

    Also I agree with you, except I think that ALL drugs should be legalized (just very heavily regulated.)
  9. Hmm you do bring up a good point. I agree with the above posters, I totally agree that it can be used before almost anything. I can smoke before I do anything and I can do it just as I would do it sober. One is more interesting, one is less. I personally believe it isn't the same as another with a drug. A drug like alcohol will prohibit you from doing anything remotely productive on a day to day basis. This isn't the case for MJ.

    However like anything, of course it can be abused. By stopping your daily requirements. (School, work etc..)

  10. i agree with this...once its used more to escape your life and not enhance your life, its a problem

  11. I'd argue that you could do all your daily activities the same on heroin or meth or coke or a number of other drugs, however doing them daily and still getting your shit done is still a problem. Alcohol is one of the only drugs that I feel intoxicates people too much to carry on with their every day activities.

    You can be abusing weed even though you're getting all your daily shit done. If you feel the need to get high before everything you may need to step back and look at your life and re-think some things.
  12. I see what you guys mean about "getting your shit done" and so on. I treat some perc and oxy snorters who love how energized they feel. Their place looks better for the boost, I must admit.

    But then there's the other part. Like some of you are saying: they begin to depend on snorting the pills to get stuff done. Like SanDiego said above, some people begin using before most activities -- it's not that they can't live their life without the drug, it's that their life seems less worthwhile without it. As though they have no real meaning or purpose, and the drug makes it bearable.

    I think that's kinda what I'm getting from some of your posts, as well. And I really appreciate what you're contributing.
  13. The majority of the people on this forum are psychologically addicted to weed. I've said this before and gotten flamed for it, but I stand by my case. I can be a completely functioning stoner; unless I decide to go for that extra bowl or two, there's not much that I can't do high that I can sober. While this seems indicative of a positive quality of marijuana, for many it's the complete opposite. Why should I go to work sober when I can do it high? Why should I do my homework when I can take a few bong rips and then do it? When you give people the choice between doing something boring and doing something boring while under the influence on an enjoyable drug, only a masochistic stoner would pick the former. Is it possible to determine whether or not you're psychologically addicted to herb? Of course not, addicts and non-addicts alike deny the fact that they're dependant on any substance. So I just say that I'm psychologically addicted and cover my bases. :D
  14. Ok I'm new here but i have been smoking for a while now and there is a certain urge to smoke not that i cant "not smoke" because i don't smoke all the time but if i had the choice i really would. I don't think that it would be a problem to smoke all the time and be high all the time, saying that i don't mean that getting high before something as important as surgery is good. But what i am saying is something like taking a shower. Most people take a shower before/after a long day and that shower makes you feel better (at least it does me) maybe smoking/getting high in some other way is just another thing in a daily routine that makes stuff easier/more bearable like you said. Now i think that if you pay for your weed/drugs before you pay your bills you have a problem. If it Doesn't mess up the way you live (working/cleaning/Socializing) then i don't think smoking everyday all day is a problem.
    I don't think smoking before most thing is bad. Also if i was considered a Marijuanaholic/Pothead or something like that i would not care some people might not agree but weed does bring out the best in life and if a loved one has died and you are depressed about it then i would say go for it and smoke. I wouldn't say the same to an alcoholic for him to get drunk because i myself have the opinion that weed is not necessarily "better" but more manageable than alcohol or other drugs.

    sorry for long post
  15. i gotta agree with all of these. i feel like a lot of times, we [society] always want to create some blanket condition or statement that applies to a particular situation and just run with it. but any drug is going to affect each person differently, depending on who they are, their personality, etc. that being said, i feel like to really get a handle on how a drug plays a role in someone's life, you have to be able to have an open, honest conversation with the person to get the whole context. and that's gotta be especially hard if you're dealing with someone that has a substance problem [even more so if they're not there willingly]

    you probably already know this as a counselor, but i'll put it down here anyway. coming from a background similar to a counselor [at a college dorm], i can tell you the key to any serious, bluntly honest question with someone you barely know and getting them to open up is to quickly establish a connection with them, something that'll help give the person a sense of familiarity and trust. if you can do this early on, then it'll help break down that initial hesitation + "big brother-ish" image people may have when going in to talk to someone about their personal problems.
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    For me, it all comes down to that moment where I have to consciously make the choice "Do I want to get higher? do I want to smoke more weed?" and that's exactly what (in my own opinion) separates marijuana from say...alcohol. those two words. "I want"

    I've got alcoholics in my immediate family, and their disease has lead me to believe that they don't get that moment in their head where they weigh up their personal responsibilities against the compulsion to get intoxicated. Such as not drinking before an important social function, or before knowing you will have to drive somewhere. Or perhaps if they do, the urge to crawl inside of the bottle is too strong for it to realistically weigh against the needs of a productive human being. And the difference between alcoholics and the high functioning alcoholics seem to be how adept they are at the delicate balancing act of slowly killing themselves.

    Marijuana lacks that ability to really hook you in like alcohol, cigarettes, and harder drugs have. Usually if someone has managed to crawl up and become stuck inside their own pipe then it is much more because of outside factors rather than the drug itself. like unsettled emotional issues and stress that they refuse to deal with in healthy ways.

    Like anything else that can be used as an emotional crutch, marijuana is something that should only be used by people who are in that right mindset to make those realistic choices between the urge to let yourself loose and the responsibilities expected of any productive human being. That's a given (but I say that because I believe that anyone who smokes weed has the potential make those choices intelligently.) and I always do worry when I see one of those burnouts who have incorporated getting high into everything they do, because they do exist, and they are all that most of the more conservative world sees out of this culture. which is a damn shame considering all the potential for good that we can do too.

    There is a lot more to smoking weed than sparking up a fat bowl. A hell of a lot more.:smoking:
  17. My answer is everyones different and they need to know that they have a problem and they need to take control of it. When smoking gets in the way of your daily activities, be it school or work that's when you know that you should probably cut back or take a t break.

  18. IDK if anyone is getting their shit done injecting heroine. BUT yeah you are right I didn't think about that. I guess either way you can be abusing a drug and still be doing your daily activites.

    I think if someone continues to smoke even though it hurts their life and expects it to change from doing the same thing=addiction/abusing.

    And I'm not saying I need to be high before each activity.
  19. Use punctuation, please. :)
  20. I don't think that you can really pick a number for how often someone smokes to say that they have a problem. It varies by person, and they way that they use weed. If someone smokes a fairly small amount 3 times a day because it helps with their ADD/migraines/pain/ect., they might not have a problem. On the other hand, someone could only smoke twice a week, but they're never happy without it, then they might need help. If I were you, I'd ask the patient, "Could you stop smoking right now without affecting your everyday life?" If they answer no, you might want to look a little deeper into their use of the herb.
    And I don't think you can really compare it to alcoholism, since it's a far different "drug." In my first semester at college, I probably averaged over a 12-pack a day, for 90 days of straight drinking. I also smoked weed about everyday except for maybe 5, and often multiple times a day. At the same time, I managed to keep myself in great physical shape, and keep about a 3.0 gpa while playing college ball. So you could say that I was addicted to both, and I had a problem. But you could also say that I didn't have a problem because it didn't really negatively affect my life too much.
    So what I'm saying is that you can't assign a number to say that someone has an addiction/problem; you need to look into how and why they do what they do.
    Holy shit that was long...

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