A Cop Caught my Smoking a Joint Tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by qed, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. So I was at a party--it had barely started, and I go out back to smoke a (very well rolled if I may say so myself) joint with a friend. We're standing out back, and some guys walk up to us by the fence, and are like "hey, you gonna pass that over here?" I say "I would, but it's just about done..." and freeze as I see two cops walk into the light with badges flashing. Oh, shit.

    They say "we want YOU to come outside now," but luckily the gate was locked. I say I'll go around, and walk into the house ... which is immediately put into lockdown. People wouldn't let me open the doors, and they closed all the blinds and waited. The officers let themselves into the backyard and were about to break the back door when they were finally let in. Of course, there was NO ONE over 21 at the party (lots of alcohol) and a sufficient number of under-18s. They separated us into 18+ and under 18 people in the living room, and then said "so where was that kid smoking pot?"


    I stand up and say "that was me."

    "Where's your buddy?"
    "I was smoking alone, and I'm very sorry." [I obviously wasn't but I wasn't about to start trouble.]

    They ask if I'm driving, and I say no, I have a ride. They've been making various jokes about pot ("do you have a license for that?" "uh... heh." "glaucoma? i see you wear glasses. i'm just going to assume you could get a prescription. and as long as you have under a pound on you, i really don't give a shit about the weed. it's the underage drinking i care about."

    luckily, i hadn't had anything to drink and was acting sober as a judge.

    finally, the officers let everyone go. i joked with them a little, they talked to me about my job, they checked ID to make sure we were over 18 and let us go. The under 18 people just needed to get a ride with someone.

    It was a damn scary night. I'm so thankful I got off. Caught red handed with a j and the cops let me off... nice.
  2. those are pretty cool cops. I used to know this female cop caught me with a j once, she just took it away, and dont let me see this again and that was it
  3. they were about to break in the house haha? sounds illegal
  4. Maybe they were just checking to make sure you weren't illegals.
  5. illegal aliens throw parties? HAHA!!
  6. Some cops are cool, some arn't. You're are lucky you ran into a couple cool ones.
  7. Damn dude that sounds like the pigs around here. At pretty much every party their at around here they'll come and just try to scare the shit out of the kids who are like under 18 and all they always end up doing is making some jokes and pouring out all the alcohol and harass anyone that hides in the house.

    One time cops rolled up and I was hiding under a bed and the damn pig pulled me by my feet, through a door and into a hallway where I hit my head on the door frame before I made it to the hallway.

    But what can you do? They usually are always only looking for a weed bust, but it's funny because every time someone at a party has weed they always seem to get away at the last second.
  8. The question is, why would you let the cops in the house?>
  9. if the alcohol was visible through the door then they could have waltzed in anyway ESPECIALLy if underage drinking occurred.

    nice to see that you didnt get caught bro. drinking with minors isnt the smartest thing to do though, you really lucked out.
  10. (And to answer the "illegal" part too): they saw the joint within the grounds, and heard people talking about minors inside partying (stupid guy trying to impress a girl by saying "oh that party's lame there are like 15 year olds around i hear!").

    but seeing the joint is absolutely probable cause
  11. Sounds like the cops around the Albany area. I could give a fuck if they come to break up a party. It's usually only dissapointing becaues you gotta find somewhere else to continue on.

    Unless your blatently fucking with the police, they're usually pretty laid back. Shit, I'm even good friends with an officer in the sheriff's department.
  12. simple cae of potheads turned cop but still cool and not turned into a dick
  13. even if they have probable cause i'm pretty sure they can't break into your house, they would need a warrant for that

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