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  1. Alright, me and this girl have been conversing via myspace for the last few days, she goes to my school and she went to a Christian summer camp over the summer. Basically I started having a discussion with her when she told me about it, first about religions and books then faith and proof and finally she makes a statement about how you don't just have to read the bible and pray, you have to be "saved."

    She's stated the following:

    No, not baptized or confirmed or anything to do with anyone but yourself and God. A lot of Christians don't even know about being saved. Its just basically when you accept God into your heart and he forgives you. A lot of people think you can just pray to God to be forgiven for whatever you do, and you cant. when people are praying to go to heaven when they're on their death beds God really doesn't want to hear it. You have to be friends with God and study his word. For example, if I died right now I have no doubt that I'm going to heaven because I was saved, I'm walking with God. I'm walking with him, he's always with me. Being saved is just kind of when you open your eyes and realize he is all you need.
    Id choose a hug from God over anything, I can even imagine how great it would feel because I know him and I know he is amazing.

    I don't really see what she's talking about, and it's not just that, but she isn't basing her argument on anything solid.

  2. She said that God doesn't wanna hear the death-bed prayers because the person hasn't known God long enough... By that reasoning, she's not even saved, then, 'cause all she did so far was the same as those people do on their death-beds...
  3. Great point Cottons, that's exactly what she did. She just wanted to be saved, a timeless being wouldn't care about how "long" you "knew" Him... LOL It has no concept of time, a moment on a death-bed could be an eternity to God.

    Sounds like a might fine parrot right there. I bet she tries to get "her" take on it to be word-for-word the same as her pastor's.

    I've been seeing this more in people lately- people that accept the words from an 'authority' as absolute truth...

    It's sheepish, nothing more. There isn't a way for it to make sense to you in a rational way. You would have to cease to think for yourself, the way she did claiming those things as the absolute truth.

    A hug from God? That would be nice, I'd take a phone call though- just for starters ;)

    I've followed what I see as a part of God all my life, and I haven't got so much as a handshake from the Big Man. I do it more for the way it makes me feel, but I would like a little visit like she's talking about! I've asked for them too and He never comes. My bong was there for me though, which is the way I 'saw' He was there. It's just the deity part that gets me... How could people buy that after they follow God for a lifetime and He never shows up? Faith?

    Man, God would have to be the most ruthless dictator ever, to order you to follow Him and not give a damn about actually being by your side in a tangeable form.

    So I choose to believe He IS by my side, only as my surroundings and situation. I just choose to personify it because I feel closer to it that way I guess. It's nothing more than a security blanket, I know. But hey, it's my choice to see it that way so I do :smoke:

    God is with me, He just isn't normal in the least bit. ;)
  4. Bah, Just believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and your good-to-go.
  5. People will believe in what they want, whatever is convenient for them. After all, convenience has become a major issue in a technology-driven world where less work = better.
  6. ^ great post man, totally agree with that one!
  7. I'm not even going to touch this one, despite how easy it would be.

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