A convergence of nice shit and my new and ultimate goal today.

Discussion in 'General' started by SlowMo, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Whatta fucking title!!! Jesus! But anyway, check this shit out. I have this convergence of circumstance today (and the rest of the week!) which has made it an absolute  must for to pursue and accomplish  a goal that Ilove going after every now and then. 
    So,.here's what im talking about (yeah, right... lol). Anyway, I set before me the goal of getting higher than I ever been before just from smoking herb - i.e no other "helpers".
    Man. peep pals! I'm on my way to victory! I'm going for the WIN! I'm fucky goonied up!
    So there is this deal - I'm engulfed in a perfect storm of getting high! Wowa!!! Nice storm!!!
    What am I saying? The confluence: OK - well, I dont have to work until friday. Also, its just me and my dog friends - and all my chores which are mostly DONE!!! Also, I've just obtained some profoundly dense and dank nuggets of a nice Kush variety - *I forget the name. lol - and a schweet Diesel one that fucks me up hah!!!
    But today - good ole nice today - in my quest for fuckedupedness, I'm exploring different combinations of both and getting baffled in trying to figure out the comparative effects on brain. That comparison gets harder and harder to make with each new experiment as brain drifts progressively into LaLaLand 
    Ok - why did I type all that shit? Fuck!!! heh heh
    Anyway, I may report back on this adventure as I progressively turn into to a dude that cant see the fucking keys on his keyboard or know what to type even if I could. 


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