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Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, May 3, 2003.

  1. controversial in my third hour class anyways. i read that LSD is water solubile and is out of your system is 3 days, and that it cant be stored in your spine because its water solubile. yet they can test for LSD by doing spinal taps... how is that?

    and also, what are your thoughts on perma trips? i dont really believe in them, but apparently, everyone knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that has had one.
  2. you can't trip on acid forever. acid causes fluids to drip down your spine. this is how they test for it in a spinal tap.
  3. i've never heard about a perma trip. i heard you have flash backs though
  4. Yes, it is water soluble.. ever heard of liquid LSD.. ya.. and a flashback can happen at anytime.. but like Cottons said, you can't trip on it forever..
  5. my friend said somtimes to get the best high of LSD you take a razzer blade and cut a little nick in you eye and than drip the stuff in there, he said he tried it once and he was tripping for two days streight. he was so scared that he was going to be permafried for ever. just the eye shit freaks me out

  6. that sounds like the WOST THING EVER!!!
  7. He's the same one that shoots smack straight into his right testicle, right? LOL

    Seriously, that is the stupidest shit ever. Even if it did work, it wouldn't be worth it.


    i think you summed it up by saying evrybody knows somebody who knows somebody whos best friend had a permatrip. I've never met anybody who has first hand experience or knows the person who it happened to.

    It's a myth.

  8. im glad you all agree, because there are some fucking ignorant bastards in my class when it comes to drugs, especially ones that they dont know ANYTHING about.

  9. When it comes to drugs. If you don't know what your talking about someone could get seriously hurt.. Remember don't believe everything you hear.

  10. roflmfao :D are you stupid???? he NICKED his eye????? i fucking doubt it. the pain alone....... fuck

    sorry, rough day...... anyways, what i meant to say was -

    in highschool, a guy crushed up several hits of acid to snort and decided to put some in the corner of his eye. he says his eye kept freaking out forevr afterwards. some people just shouldn't do drugs
  11. lotuis your friend is pretty fucking dumb, even if it did work, i would not want to trip for 2 days streight, what if it was a bad trip? dude thats so dumb..... i wouldnt cut a nick in my eye..... DUMBASS!
  12. I can't even put eye drops in. I'd never be able to put a razor anywhere near my eye, even if I thought it was a good idea when there are other perfectly good ways to take acid.
  13. hey i don't know about tripping forever dudes but i heard that some crazy ass shit can happen on acid. FOr the 7 hours or w/e ur on acid... some people can live whole lives and become another person. I dont know if this is true but it sounds so incredibly astonishing. he said that a person on acid will live a whoel ife from baby to death in that 7 hours of tripping... and in that other life they completely forget that they were another person on acid. dude think about how much that would suck... I COULD be on acid right now and you could all be a figment of my imagination... i could live out my whole existence and then die and wake up as someone who lives in a world that is completely different than what I have grown accustomed to..
    sorry to ramble but if this was true it seems like such a phenomenon... i dunno man but when i hear shit like that it just totally gets me thinking....
  14. ugeman, great point!

    by the way, tons of people inject heroin in their eyes

  15. I don't think one hit could permatrip you unless you had some kind of major chemical imbalance to begin with.

    *old guy story*

    He took acid at least 3 times a week, at most 5. Went on for about 3 years. He seemed to be looking for something, I suppose. Got to the point where he did'nt seem normal unless he was tripping. He is now 43, lives in a trailer, (the camping kind) and has a paper route. Often wonder if he ever found what he was looking for. I could almost classify him as a permatrip.

    At least he never cut his eye and took it!:)
  16. I've heard of people taking liquid lsd in the eye. I dont think it makes any difference though.

  17. Are you fucking serious?

    Why would anyone do that? It seems like you'd just loose your eye.
  18. putting LSD in your eye doesn't have any different affects than if you were to put it between your toes... it goes through the blood stream to the brain, does its thing, you trip face, and that's that. putting drops on your eyes is just stupid... unless you want to damage your eyes.

    as for living an entirely different life when you're on 'cid... that's kinda weird. when you take acid, you become disassociative (in other words... you're technically psychotic while tripping). you're mind exists in a different world, and often times, you're unable to distinguish reality from unreality.

    the trip will change you in some way or another. you also think a lot while tripping. you seem to just know everything and have everything figured out... only to forget most (if not all) of it when you come back.

    if you want a more intense trip, try this (it's safer than slitting your eyes)... take 1,000mg of vitamine C that's dissolved in OJ (or whatever you like to drink) for every hit you take. so if you're taking 5 hits... take 5,000mg of dissolved vitamine C when you dose. it helps the lsd absorb faster, and also intensifies the trip a bit.

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