A conspiracy to catch us?

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  1. This is a kind of creepy tale of my boyfriend and I toking on the road and weird happenings with police activity.

    Note: If you don't feel like reading all of this, I bolded the important parts for you lazy stoners. =p

    My boyfriend and I decided to go see Step Brothers today. Of course, driving along the way we toked up in his car. He had his black bong "Black Eye" in the car. We're good at driving and taking sneaky bong hits along the way.

    We get about five minutes from our house and we stop at a stop light. At the road to the left of us was a police car. We keep the bong down under the dash board until our light turned green and we drove past the officer. Okay. Nothing big.

    About ten or so minutes later we get a couple cars behind this black truck with two very large antennas, tinted windows, and government license plates. We had cars in front of us and a lot of room so we kept taking bong hits back and forth. Then the few cars in front of us turned off. So we were now right behind this guy. And this creeped us out. We could see his head in the truck, every now and then radioing to some other person. We kept our distance and took a few hits hidden by the dashboard. Any time we'd get close to him, our radio in the car would get all fuzzy.

    To make things even more creepy, as we were approaching a stop light, we got into the left lane to turn off left. The black govt. truck was in the middle lane to go straight. Just as we were pulling up in the left lane at the stop light and had only a car lengths space in between us and the car in front of us, the black truck guy quickly cuts in front of us in our left turning lane. This got us a little worried.

    We continued on driving behind this dude, keeping our distance, not taking hits. All seemed good and well. Then we pulled up at another stop light. Oooooh fuck. In front of us was the black govt. truck. In the lane to the right and one car back was an police car. And on the road to the left of us was ANOTHER police car.

    We were in the left turning lane. When the light turned green, we turned and FINALLY passed up the black truck. We looked in our rear view mirrors and saw that the police car on the left road kept going and the one to the right of us was no where to be seen. We figured he turned. So we took our bong out again and my boyfriend took one hit. As he was about to take another he got shocked, froze, and said "Oh shit." I looked in my side mirror. The officer we thought turned right was actually RIGHT behind us.

    My boyfriend had his bong in his lap. The officer couldn't see it, but just having it out was risky enough. We stealthily hid it down by our legs, somehow passing it so the officer didn't see. Then the light turned green. We drove, the officer followed. He stayed behind us for a few minutes. As we approached another light, he got in the lane left of us. The light was red so we stopped. He pulled up RIGHT next to us. Luckily, his light turned green right then and he drove off.

    It was one of the scariest moments pulling up behind a govt. truck, a police officer, and having another officer on the perpendicular road. It really makes me wonder if it were all coincidence or if that first officer or government truck tried to get us caught. I'm just glad we got home safe.
  2. the gov't vans are creeps. .

    there's a lotta fbi around where i lived by the coast
    had you on sketch almost all the time
  3. Now that has to be a buzzkill.
  4. This is why I keep smoking to safe spots... not in cars unless it's a road trip. There are too many safe houses around here though so I never do smoke up the car.
  5. shitty shitty situation. good thing you made it safe. whenever im high i always feel like there is some sort of plan or conspiracy going on without my knowing...kinda freaks me out
  6. LOL! thats funny shit.
  7. Lol that sounds like it should be in a movie or something for a criminal on the run.
  8. yea I don't smoke and drive or ride shotgun as the driver smokes. Its not worth it. Wait til u get where you wanna go. Smoke in the movie theater parking lot before the movie, thats what I do.
  9. It's to get people used to a police nation. Welcome in the U.S.
  10. Well, do you guys think it was some elaborate plan or terrible luck?
  11. Terrible luck!

    They either took you for someone else, or they really are enforcing the law on drugs ;-) Lol
  12. My boyfriend has the worst luck in the world and I have that bad ironic luck. With our powers combined..... this happens. -_-

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