A consistent uneasiness. Help required.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by LonelyPlanetBoy, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I know I'm often the one to chime in and out of threads rather than starting them up but this time I need some help or guidance.

    A very uneasy, unsettled feeling has been growing stronger and stronger within the last few months and I feel it stems from a spiritual issue. I don't know for sure but I'm assuming so as it is the only thing I can think of. It's eating away at many aspects of my life, my social life has suffered the most (or what was my social life) and it's beginning to drag me down mentally and emotionally with it. It's a consistent uneasiness within the core of my being that grows stronger when in group settings or amongst the general public. I hate feeling this way but not having any straight path to try and follow makes it that much harder to understand. I'm chemically balanced, completely, because I have avoided any foreign substances (all substances) and it is something I haven't felt before.

    I ask here for help because I can't help but feel this is the result of some spiritual issue my silent mind is having. I am hoping someone can offer some guidance or some assistance in trying decode what this means. It's almost like depression (I have depression but have been good lately) but the hopelessness seems null. I will state that I have begun meditating again and renewed my interest in 'Lucid Dreaming' (and successfully had a minor bout with lucidity within my dream world) but I can't see how that would change much.

    I'm just looking for something and I hope someone can try and help me out. Any words of wisdom are appreciated and any advice will be taken into consideration.

    Thanks, everyone.

    -Lonely Planet Boy
  2. You're more depressed than you think you are...that's my unofficial opinion. Tell your doctor.
  3. You have a dull outlook on life, or so it seems, you also seem to be depressed..

    I suggest loss of ego. ;)
  4. Same situation right here friend, look I can summit to this... it´s all mind ok? you, me everyone else, it´s all big fucking mind game.. don´t give up on you in what you truly believe. (Sometimes I just feel that I´m talking to the mirror xd never mind).
    You said something about meditation, do you meditate? I mean if you have a meditation pratice like the focus on breathing?.. or you meditate like most people do, like thinking about in the same thing and investigate, not the the same meditation really. Cumpz

  5. 1) How did you end up on a marijuana message board then?
    2) Just because you haven't taken any drugs, doesn't mean you're chemically balanced. You can be naturally chemically unbalanced.
    Instead of looking for answers here, you should go talk to a psychiatrist/psychologist. They will either help you through it by verbal therapy or they can give you some meds. It sounds like a benzo prescription would do you some good.
  6. Everything is simpler than you are making it out to be.
    stop analyzing every little bull shit and be.

    Everything can only get better
    as long as you stay on the good vibes
  7. No, just as of late I've refrained from taking in any unneccesary foreign substances, since this is been coming about.
  8. dude, a lot more people feel the same way. It's a missing gap because you obviously don't believe in god, societies majority believes in god, they fill the missing parts of their lives with these beliefs, you need to find a belief, in yourself, which you can work on until you've mastered the ability and take pride in yourself.
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    good advice, but if OP is like me (which he sounds identical) than this isn't the case. In my case, i have found my spirituality and am very comfortable with it, and my position in society.

    Yet, something still aches in me everyday. Its not depression, but its the closest term i can think of too it. A type of social anxiety exists too, which never did before, and still has no reason too. Its been increasing exponentially since it first started, which coincidentally started with my spiritual, philosophical and inner journey. I wish i had more advice to give you LPB, but your post is pretty much something i would have wrote. Its funny, because when i write one like this, i usually start it the same way ("usually i contribute to these rather than start em"). I guess i just think that sometimes, somebody hearing my own struggles and personal experiences is almost as good as any advice that can be given. My only true advice is keep meditating, its the only thing thats really helped me at all. Other than that, i'm in the same boat as you, mate. I take klonopin, which helps immensely- but the help is only temporary, and its not worth the addiction potential (i got addicted about a year ago because this "feeling" you and i are both talking about was so overwhelming), so i don't recommend that. PM me anytime man if you wanna talk about shit - i'm not sure i can help but maybe we have more in common than we think

    a lot of times, everything thats been happening in my life convinces me more that 2012 might be something bigger than we all think (i'm not an end-of-world conspiracy theorist, but i've spent a great deal of time researching similar things. biggest study = mayan calendar, and no, it doesn't say the world will end)

  10. i concur, and am about to embark on 1200 mics to that same purpose very soon (this weekend! fucking classes)
  11. i think ive felt similar. some sort of lack of will to live, often accompanied by dizziness and paranoia. personally, my journey through philosophy and logic have led me to a lonely position of a seminihilistic naturalist determinist (life is predestined). i can see the logical flaws in everyday life and how people crave a god, and i mean god in a broader sense (religion, music, meditation, grass city? ect.), as anything with structure that for some reason may know more than themselves. logically i see these things and look to avoid proclaiming them as my god because i cant say any is better than another. and it just leaves me confused depressed and accepting. im not sure if these things tie into it, but i thought it might be relatable. anyways, i ultimately think that it was my over analysis of moments in themselves, that led me to experience something like panic attacks and an overall uneasiness. a tried many many things like other drugs, healthier foods, and working out because it almost felt like i wasnt getting enough blood to the head. turns out it was structure that helped me :eek:

    some things that seem to help me were focusing on exhaling negativity, almost exhaling the situation itself, and breathing in the new.

    try throwing yourself into situations, rather than examining them.
    doc rivers, the coach for the boston celtics (bear with me here i know)
    once said a phrase during halftime of a playoff game that stuck with me and helped me. simply, "paralysis by analysis... act on instinct"

    someone once told me that tomorrow i would get older whether i liked it or not
  12. I don't think I'll ever feel purely "good"...until I get out of this concrete hell of a city.

    If your in a city, go camping for a weekend.
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    Find out the true nature of what Self is

    This is the cure for all dis-ease

    Find what the Buddha found

    Look at my avatar, everything is & has ALWAYS been 100% perfect, including what you call 'you'
  14. Just enjoy it man... Take a ride... but remember to come home alive.
  15. Try to change your mindset on life. Go do something you wouldn't otherwise do, grab a good friend or spark something and just talk. Or, go to a peaceful spot and just think and watch the stars. Sometimes I do that, even if it sounds incredibly gay :)
  16. Sounds like you need to undergo a catharsis. Go to a natural setting and write a poem or draw a picture. Mushrooms are potentially helpful.
  17. also.. alot of things are happening around the world right now. alot of political pressure and bullshit going on about Iran and shit.. that could cause feelings of uneasiness
  18. Man, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the book Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. It helped me so much... You just got to love yourself man. it sounds so clique but just read the book. Its not just about loving yourself, its about accepting your life and stuff. I cant explain it. Read the book and I promise you will be better off for doing so

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