A ''confessional ''thread::: Have you jumped off the obama bandwagon?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. IVE NEVER BEEN A OBAMA SUPPORTER,,,, but i hear people are fleeing supporting him,,,,

    like fleas jumping off a wet dog,,,,

    if your a ex-obama suporter,,,,,please tell why you supported him,,,,

    and why now your done with him,,,,,:wave:
  2. i think it's rather odd how some aspects of this election resemble what a lot of futuristic novels depicted politricks would be like

  3. It's completely similar. 1984 for example, there were 3 political ideologies divided by states. Ingsoc (English Socialism), Neo-Bolshevism, and Asian "Death Worship".

    The three ideologies are the same, but the public is kept unaware.
  4. I jumped on the bandwagon a false pretense that things would actually change and he would decriminalize weed, he said it in 2004 on video, but it seems in the presidental race he is against it.
  5. The deception of "choice" in this election indeed does suck ass.
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    agreed man. It seems to me that so many people (myself included) aren't happy with our "choice" of candidates.
    if the majority are unhappy with these 2 guys (mccain & obama) then who chose them?

    imo the media truely dictates what goes on in these elections. Just look at the debates, certain guys got asked way more questions than others. Shit.. some guys never even got their names mentioned on TV at all (ron paul). It just seems like the fix is in to me.

    to answer chicken's question.. i had my eye on obama and liked what i saw at first (not a huge supporter at any time).. but saw politics as usual after a while, and it turned me off.

    I really wish more people were able to hear ron paul speak.. he's the first candidate in my life that truely seemed to have the american citizen's interests at heart.
  7. Obama claims to be the answer, but to what question?

    I originally supported the man before he reverted to politics as usual.
  8. The similarity is the sell-your-soul attitude.
  9. bumping this thread,,,, foir thjose blADES,,,,, THAT MAY HAVE jumped off the obama,, wagon,,

    and wish to confess,,,,,:cool:
  10. Ha, not too many fleas coming here. :hello:
  11. i think anyone who is still on the Obama bandwagon is strapped in and on the bandwagon till the finish.
    The question is how many undecided voters will he be able to get to jump on the bandwagon?
  12. According to the polls it don't appear that 'too many fleas" are jumping on the wagon, just look at his stagnant numbers. You would think with all the press coverage he gets, the world tour and all that he would have moved the numbers a little.
  13. theres so much,,,,wrong with this dude,,,,,,most people will follow thier race into the ground,,,,,

    ... you A.K. really if you look athis political platform....you wouldnt support him,,,,,

    but he's african american,,,,,,you seem like a true american,, but the retoric this guy spews dont raise a red flag to you/?

    hey in the olympics we all support america,,,, nothing wrong with supporting this dude based on race,,,,,,

    hell we support candidates for less reasons,,,,,,but A.K.,,,,i would put money that in the back of your mind,,,,,your a little upset wih this fellow,,,,

    and i still say that at the convention hillary has a card up her sleeve,,,,,

    and the way politics are played these days,,,,, whose to say it may not have been planned,,,,,when you put yourself in the mind of political strategicaness,,,,

    who knows what may take place to secure the results you desire,,,,:cool:
  14. Are you kidding? Seriously, are you?

  15. no actually im not,,,,

    i mean after all thats been brought out to the open,,,,,,you'd still support this guy,,,,

    this guy is way out of his league,,,,hes playing the game,,,,

    but as the game goes on,,,,,he's loosing footing,,,,,,

    now i aint a mcain supporter,,,,,,but i know a wishy-washy candidate when i see one,,,,
  16. Guess what? Not all of Obama's supporters are black. I'm white and I'm still voting for him. If race was as big of a factor as you claim, then McCain would have had more support from the very beginning.

    You're right... AK has shown enthusiasm for the fact that Obama is the first black person to win the nomination of a major party, and could possibly be the first black president. It's understandable. But you'd have to be dumb to think that anyone of his intelligence would base their vote on that. Get over the fact that people genuinely like Obama.
  17. Well, Obama is falling in the polls now because McCain is using negative advertising (and it's working), and Obama is not. If Obama wants to win, he has to go negative. The American people don't vote for the "nice guy" who is constantly being attacked and backing down...

    If Obama went as negative as McCain is, I think he would win by a decent amount, but as it is, Obama is fucking this up by playing too nice. I expect him to pull out all the stops come October though and go fully negative...

    EDIT: I don't think his base is jumping off the bandwagon, I just think the undecideds are responding to the attack ads and changing their minds. Combine that with the Karl Rove strategy of energizing your base (Bible Belt) and McCain is looking good at this particular moment.

  18. i will....'' FIRMLY'' tell you that a lot of his supporters are on his bandwagon,,,,, and blind to his anti-american retoric,,, and support him simply because of his race,,,,,,,

    as stated above,, i have no issue with a black man running this country,,,,,,

    but this guy i s,,,,,corrupt,,,,, is plain to see if you only look,,,,,

    now '' herman kane'' is electable as a black man,,,,, im gonna throw this link they usually dont work for me but this is his his site,,, and hes a economict,,, which is what we need a reduction in government spending,,,,

    ..http://herman kane . com

    i may have spelled his name wrong?

  19. Could you site some of his "anti-American rhetoric?" Also blacks have supported the Democrat for president for years, what makes Senator Obama any different, or do you think because he's black, blacks should support Senator McCain to prove they aren't biased? Lastly, if blacks support him because he's black why do whites support him? Help us understand brave chicken.
  20. I just realized something; I shall not involve myself in the US election. Either alternative is shit. Sorry. And that is about it. Have fun discussing what turd smells the best :)

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