A comparison of economic reporting under Bush and Obama

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  1. This is a fantastic comparison of the medias doom and gloom during relatively good economic times, but suddenly have nothing but praise and positive news to report in these much worse economic times.


    It was created by Ed Frank, the president of a GOP strategist organization called Frank Strategies. He added this comment too the video on his blog:

    Video: Economic Reporting – Then and Now « Frank Strategies: The Blog
    I think his concern is legitimate. We have big people in the media who bashed Bush now saying they "work for the president" and "our new goal is to be positive". Its been obvious for a long time that the media's standards and tone would suddenly change once Obama got in to office and now were faced with only a few voices to act as a check on government. Those voices are regularly attacked by the likes of Colbert, Daily Show, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS the New York Times and every left wing blog on the internet.
  2. I would take anything written by a GOP strategist org with a big bucket of salt.

    Certainly some media outlets are very much pro-Democratic - just like some are very pro-Republican. The problem here is that paranoid folks like you seem to think a majority of the media is in the bag for Obama and that's simply not true. I've seen too many stories bashing him in the past week alone to believe otherwise. But hey, if it helps you with your persecution complex, so be it.
  3. The Democrats and Republicans both have different media outlets eating out of their pockets... I don't know how many times I've said this exact thing on here, how long before people get it through their heads?

    Stop grouping the whole "media" together as if it is one single entity.
  4. I'm sorry, but this is complete bullokcs. I seriously doubt you've done much research or know much of anything on this topic. What studies have you followed? What media watchdog groups do you follow? The Republicans get a fair shot on Fox. That is one network. a Network that is regularly smeared by the left wing media. The democrats on the other hand, have a dozen networks, Hollywood and almost all print media in their pockets.

    So, you see how ridiculous it is to say Republicans and Democrats have the media in the tank. Its just not true and years of studies back me up.
  5. There is no "left" or "right" wing bias encompassing all major media, only a pro-state bias.

    Any differentiation between the two is to divide into two easily marketable sub groups.

  6. That is fine, just don't take anything written by a DNC strategist with a big glass of kool aid. :smoking:
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    What experience are you basing this on? I'm sorry, but I totally disagree based on years of study, researching others studies and being a media junky myself. There is a massive steaming pile of evidence to back up the fact our media is in cahoots with the democrat party. How else do you explain the same talking points throughout the media? How do you explain daily meetings between Rob Emanuel and major people in the media? Inconsistency in the reporting and outrage from the last 8 years to now?

    I could probably fill a few paragraphs to state my case, but somehow I think it would be in vein.

  8. I'm basing it mostly off this past election cycle, specifically how Ron Paul was treated by all media, especially FOX. He made Republicans look like Marxists and threatened the state-us quo. Nobody in media wanted any of it.

    Only when Republicans are out of power do they start preaching conservatism again... but once they are back in power FOX will be all for a massive government.

    I agree that there are more pro-Democrat channels though. FOX has been pro-Democrat since Obama was elected, constantly making a fool of themselves and Republicans.

  9. Yes, very well said. ;)

  10. Agreed.
  11. Ron Paul has some very liberal/left wing ideas and he comes off as weird like Kucinich. You'll notice that the MSM loved Ron Paul n a few occasions, because he was attacking Bush. Its the same with McCain. They loved him when he was going after Republicans and talked him up as a maverick, than once he became the nominee they wwent after him.

    This just inst true. There were plenty of Republicans who were fighting uncnesisary spending. Its sort of hard not to spend wen your in 2 wars. They have to be funded. I dont know if Fox has ever been "for bigger government". Where are you getting that from?

    I notice none of you have really addressed the topic. You've all pretty much just created red hearings instead.
  12. I would have to disagree. What are Ron Paul's left wing ideas? He has none. Since when is anti-war a left wing idea? Ron Paul got extra media attention because of the economy, he predicted this would happen. He criticized Republicans and Democrats equally.

    Even I, who cheerleaded everything a couple years ago, have to admit that the Republicans were all for bigger government and bigger spending. Not too many were going against Bush until they realized that the people were getting sick of it.

    I still believe though that most of the media, besides Fox and some newspapers, have a liberal tilt.
  13. I think we fail to notice the fact that talk radio is 90% conservative/right wing.

  14. True, but where do most of Americans spend most of their time? Watching TV or listening to the radio?
  15. it doesn't matter. Obviously, considering the ratings, there's just as much listeners as there are viewers. The media has a pretty fair split, which is why it pisses me off when either side starts saying the "media" as a whole is biased as if they themselves aren't part of the media. When you watch, and half the people say it's left-wing biased, it's obviously not. It's all just bullshit. They just pick and choose different red-herring issues and supply contradictory, logic-defying defences of the real falicies in our political system.
  16. How do you define "left wing"?

    I see it as support for large and expansive central state. If that's the case, there is no denying the media's role in supporting a left wing agenda.

    I understand people define these terms differently, some view left wing as compassionate or peaceful, or for liberty, lol.
  17. I'm speaking of the US political "left" and "right." I believe it is all left in the actual meaning of left which is as you see it. The current "left" and "right" is just a bullshit invention meant to boost ratings and increase government control while outwardly appearing as checks and balances.

  18. Probably television, but isnt there something like 20 million weekly listeners of Rush Limbaugh?

    People listen to radio, at work, in traffic.
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    One of the few times I absolutely agree with you.

    And they didn't go after Obama? Shows how selective your memory is.

    Really? The topic: your assertion that the media as a whole is pro-Democratic. Multiple responses that boil down to: no. Don't see how that's anything except addressing the topic.
  20. Fox went after Obama. The rest of the MSM spent their time deflecting the criticism from Fox, Rush and the gang.

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