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Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, May 8, 2004.

  1. recently i have been day dreaming about how i am going to set up my apartment when i get out of school and i live on my own. i wanna make it real comfy and chill and fun to do shrooms in and smoke in.

    im thinkin a big screen tv is a must. a bunch of speakers all over the place for the kick ass music experience. and a big ass comfy leather couch. some nifty posters and plants. palm trees are a must!

    what are some of the elements that you guys would say are a must for a comfy homebase?
  2. Lol, most of us who are just starting out on our own are lucky to have gas at the end of the week... Just dont set your sights to high or you could be really disappointed.

  3. lol, true. its nothin but day dreams for a while i suppose.
  4. get a job and start saving money now... might help out in the long run..
  5. start growing those palm trees now...:D and saving for that tv and couch....
    id say fish tanks in my comfy zone....
    btw anyone know how long it will take for a giant crawfish who somehow scaled 9 inches of glass out of a 10 gallon tank ( im sure with help of a cat) will start to smell? :D
  6. get a bean bag or a papasan chair chair
  7. luke that would not be my luck at all.i think the cat just let it out he'd been pokin his kitty arms down in the beta bowl for a long time.........my luck is the cat got it out somehow,..its crawled into a hidey hole and will die and stink that is probably how ill find it....we had it because my youngest found it and it an it looked more like a lobster than a huge crawfish. heres the cat fishin for "dorothy" the male beta fish...
    back to the origional post..i still say fish tanks in my comfy zone.... but no more weird creatures the kids bring me tho

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  8. why do cats always step on remote controls? and keyboards too!! luckily my cat's too scared of water to attack my beta fish. but yea, i'd say get a bean bag, a stereo, a blacklight, a cat (makes the place really comfy when you come home and there's somebody happy to see you there everytime), and a fat bag of green and mushies.. that's all you need.
  9. I think its cute when my cats step on the keyboard. They only do it to get to my lap.

    Palm trees are cool, but fake ones are less high-maintenance. You don't have to water them.

    And Highya, your cat is adorable!
  10. I want a big room just lined with like 2 or 3 layers deep of matresses. Then with big, soft comforters thrown over it. It'd be like walking on the moon, or something like that.

    Music is good, a nice stereo would be nice.

    Beanbag chairs. Inflatable furniture is cheap and kinda cool, hah.

    Yeah, thats about it. Just do my matress idea, that'd be the shit.
  11. soft feathered comforters. and maybe a small waterfall.
  12. My ideal apartment -

    At the moment i have 6 surround sound speakers in my room (2 surround, 2 front, centre, subwoofer)

    They will be moved to my apartment, and i use my laptop as my sound centre just now, all my CD's get converted to MP3 and played through the laptop, which is also coming with me when i leave! :p

    Then there will be a set room for smoking, cant just smoke anywhere, but that rooms gonna have a big-ass window, cause imagine this (your in your apartment, you smoked about 5 hours ago and your just comin down, but the whole apartment reeks of weed, your gonna want more!) BUT if its a set room, the whole place aint gonna smell so bad.

    Anyway yeah, that room will be fairly basic, but as for the rest of the apartment, all i need when i move out is a couch and a bigger TV, the rest im sorted!

    Sorry for rambling on about shit, im desperate for a J, or a fag, anything...please...Help me!

    Thats all Folks!

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