A collision of stars

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by greenbrad420, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. In the LHC they collide particles at near speed of light.. What would happen if we took two stars, betelgeuse or sun size and collided them just like in the LHC at near speed of light. It sounded like a good question at the time I thought of it
  2. i imagine it would be an apocalyptic explosion . but the sun is way larger than the earth so we couldn't do it at the lhc. if such an experiment were to ever happen it would have to take place in space
  3. Is it wrong to assume that colliding stars would interact much like colliding galaxies; where they tear each other apart, their guts dancing around each other, then eventually recombine in to one? This wouldn't happen at the speed of light though... it'd be far slower.

    I'm sure there are computer simulations that can tell us the possibilities, though.
  4. I feel like that as the stars move around to collide into one another, the gravity around the path the stars take will be extremely warped and disorted because of the sudden movement of these stars. But this change in gravity will probably be nullified by the catastrophic reaction from the collision.
  5. lol catastrophic shit would happen, that's all i can say
  6. Yeah wouldn't happen at the speed of light. But the smaller sun would be sucked into the bigger one due to stronger gravity. But I think it would just be a huge explosion if they don't possibly merge together. They might merge together considering they aren't solids but idk if it works like that.

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