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A cold start of the day..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. 28 degrees and cold as ice... Still have to go and work all day long in the cold.. Only supposed to get up to 47 for the high..

    Got to put on too many clothes and get to where I can't hardly move...

    I'm going to take a J or two so I can tollerate this cold weather...
  2. Pretty chilly here as well. Above freezing this morning, but not by much. Those j's will give ya that warm fuzzy feeling BH! :D
  3. We got hit pretty hard last night, first real snowfall of the season. No delays or cancellations or anything like that (yes, I'm 18.) Shit was it hard to deliver pizzas last night going about 30 in a 55 slipping all over the road. Sometimes I hate Upstate NY...
  4. same here toady bud,.cept our high is to be like 44 degrees............
    oooh its
  5. oo it's nice out this mornin! high of 3 with a low of 7. still not near enough snow to ride yet tho. i'm getting anxious waiting for it to really really snow out here. not lookin forward to freezing temps but i miss riding my sled. my baby can book it!
  6. I loved this morning. I woke up, got baked, walked the dog then went to the gym. Now I'm getting baked again!!!!

    I love cold weather. Love it, love it, love it! :D
  7. yeah i live in florida and it just got into the 40's
    thank god i hate heat but i love cold
  8. Another cold and rainy day tommorrow...

    I get to sleep late... wake & bake and enjoy life the way stoners should!!!!!!!

    Great day for all!!!!!!!!!
  9. yesterday it snowed, but not enough to cover the ground.. but sooo cold, and today was pretty nice, just windey, mid 50's... gotta love michigan! ..::cought(hell no)cough::..

  10. ooooo i loved taht. luv it luv it. luuuuuuuuv it. like that chick in snl. aaaaahhhh i could kill myself lauphing. just like it was in a song. "i loved this morning" that's all i needed for today. so nice. so very nice.

    i love the coldness too. i hate the actually feeling of being
    -30 but i love it too. it's so absolutely beautiful. so pretty. alrighty, i've had a few. maybe too many. lol no......i can ty[e so it aint that bad. lol.

    okay so i edited.
  11. It's raining and i've fed and smoked.. The wake and bake plus the rain is making my day!!!!1

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