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a coffee-marijuana conctail joint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by petrified, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. has anyone tried this?
    i would absolutly love to but got no weed...DAMN...
    was makig a coffee late, and started crusshing the cofee ganuals...kinna like crushing hasish...and then i thought...yeah....why not mix it with weed....could either
    1. balance the "high"
    2. make it more sureal...
    wot u guys think...if anyone tried it, lemme know please
  2. i think it'd just make a weird tasting coffee... the water wouldn't get the thc out of the weed (due to thc bein fat soluable)... maybe if you boiled the weed in the milk/creamer you use for your coffee :D
  3. wait... did you mean putting weed in your coffee when you brew it? or mixing coffee grounds in with weed in a J or somethin? lol... sorry. got a little confused. if you meant putting it in with a J i don't know what it'd do... but i probably wouldn't try it... scorched coffee tastes really horrible.
  4. well wot i ment was
    when u make the tabbacco/weed mix for rolling a joint, u add coffee grannuals to it
    so the mix would be of tabbacco/weed/coffee....
    it would thus brun nicely....i am worried about the helth effects, could be be possible that this mix is toxic at all?
    well, u know what i mean....much more toxic then a relative sence
  5. why would you put tobacco in a joint? just fill it w/weed :D

    and as for whether or not it's more toxic... i have no idea.
  6. Roasted coffee beans contain carcinogens, so I think the only thing you're doing by mixing tobacco, weed AND coffee is giving yourself more cancer than the reat of us.

    And besides, caffiene is a buzz kill. FACT.
  7. naw, it just cleans up your head a little d9..

    though even im not bored enough to try the coffee grounds in the joint thing.. you could probably get the same kind of buzz from smoking the joint on its own and then snorting between 100 and 300mg of nodoz or something
  8. that wldn't work, u fucking spoon. Besides - its a waste of good coffee!!!!! And ifit tatsed rank, a waste of good gear as well. Use ur head for thinking, ur otheer head for dancing and cease to confuse the two.

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