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  1. my brother had a plant in the backyard that caterpillars got to. My buddy and I cut 3 of the lowest branches off to clone. i took one and he took the other 2. i have talked to him every now and then. he says that the clones are doing good but i dont think mine is. i used Schulz take root. and it has been a few weeks now and it looks the same. but i am noticing what looks like lint or something white on it. i am including these 3 pictures of it. my questions are. What is the white stuff? Do you think it will live or should i toss it? thanks for the help

  2. Looks like bug poop? Did you dust something off near it that would of done it? Also looks like larve or something, do they squish or is it fabric like?

    Mine had similar to yours but it was black, turned out it was fruit flies trying to live there. They all died off they could'nt eat the plant but they still left either eggs or shit all over the area they were. I just clipped off those parts as they were lower down. (although it looks you cant do that :( )
  3. schulz? does that have time released ferts? that may cause some problems.
  4. no, it is a rooting compound.

    and I also think it looks like some sort of larva. There is a lot of flower left on that clone, if you have it in 100% RH that is a good candidate for bud mold. if the white stuff is not an issue it is going to take longer to root and long time ahead of you under at least 18/6 to get that to switch back to Veg. I would say 2-3 weeks to root and 3-4 weeks to go veg again, then the 3-4 weeks of veg. you could have a plant from a seed one week into flowering in the same amount of time.
  5. the light cycle is 24 on from what i heard for a clone to make roots. i have not dusted anything off in there. so should i just scrap the clone project?
  6. I have heard that too, but have seen other wise, I have made clones in the window sill and in the veg room under 18/6 lighting conditions.

    As far as scrapping your cloning project, that is up to you, if you have more seeds you would be better off, but if you are looking to keep those specific genetics and don't have more seeds go for it just be warned that bud rot and the time it takes to clone and reveg will be your two biggest hurdles.
  7. i have more seeds plus i will check the clones my buddy has later this week. i am thinking of scraping it just taking up space kinda and i want something solid. thanks for the help.
  8. I have pulled a clone off a flowering plant to, it took for ever to go back to veg and by the time I switched the seed plants to flowering it was still way behind. The fourth pic in the post below is as far as I took it before I figured out how much of a waste of time it was

  9. still better then mine. i dont have a journal made up for this grow. i should have but kinda want it discrete for reasons. but everything else is going good besides my learning moments lol. fan blowing plant = bad and have bigger pots ready for transplants. otherwise i have FF Light Warrior, FF Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog. only have been using FFOF. Picked up some Grodan 1.5 cubes for my seeds. i have 2 Sweet tooth plants and 1 unknown plant along with unknown seeds. My Buddy said they are Mt. Cook or Cookie. something like that but i have no clue. for my lighting i have just upgraded to HID setups. my MH is a 4000k bulb but not happy with it. going to look into the 20000K bulb should get the plants growing =D and i need to look up the HPS bulb i got. they are both 400w and i paid for both setups together 90. i will start a new thread with pics and what not, but i dont know the day of growth or anything like that.

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