A Clockwork Orange!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bstick, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. i watched this movie for the first time over weekend. and i gotta say i loved it.. its alittle weird. ok alot weird. but damn its good.

    let me know what you guys think of it..
  2. My flatmate has it on dvd but i haven\'t watched it yet...when should i watch it....sober...pished...stoned...bored??....Peace out...Sid
  3. tnx for the link indiana....i\'ll need to watcg it tommorow....going out tonight to see a u2 tribute band....and get sozzled....wohooo...Peace out...Sid

  4. Wow! A U2 tribute band would be kick ass!! Have fun and let us know how the show was.
  5. i certainly will......if i can remember it.....i\'ll probably end up having my weekly fight with gravity..lol....i never win but i but up a good fight..lol.....Peace out...Sid

  6. LMAO!!!! Weekly fight with gravity! I\'m gonna start using that line Sid! Good luck with your \"battle\". :)
  7. all i can say is wierd ass movie
  8. Well the band was quite good....not amazing but good....and yes i did indeed lose to gravity again on my way out the pub....went for some chinese food and ate the rest of it this morning in good hungover fashion.....so now i\'m going to the pub for a curer...lol....Peace out...Sid

  9. Glad that the show was good buddy! Hehe, seems like gravity has been kicking your ass quite heavily lately Sid! And I agree, there\'s nothing like some leftover chinese food the morning after!! Yum, yum! :)
  10. It\'s a great movie. Definitely one of Kubrick\'s best.

    In one of my philosophy classes, we had to watch the movie and write a paper on it concerning good and evil, free will vs. predestination, and the importance of moral freedom. It was interesting comparing Alex to serial killers and such trying to determine if someone really is a clockwork orange, which Burgess considered to be someone who is either entirely evil or entirely good, a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil. The book is 10 times better. Anthony Burgess really had a lot going on in his head when he wrote it. I suggest you read the book too if you really dug the movie.
  11. I love this movie!!!! It is and always will be a cult classic!!! I don\'t even want to think about the number of times I\'ve watched it but its one of those trippy movies you never grow tired of!!!!!!!!!
  12. well its on my top 10 best of all timers
  13. I love this movie. I\'ve watched it a bunch of times and I own it on DVD. It\'s cool to watch when you\'re high or trippin\'.
  14. I\'ve viddied that! Was real horrorshow.

    What do you say we go for a bit of the ol\' ultra-violence?
    Up for a bit of tolchokking?
  15. Orange is the color of insanity, and...well you know what clockwork means.

    I\'ve got a 5\' by 4\' poster of the 4 droogies walkin down the street and in the foreground is the old bum laying on his back not knowing that he\'s about to get jumped.
  16. Woah, RMJL. The book must be MUCH better if you got all that for the meaning of \"a clockwork orange\".

    I saw it a couple of times...... once when I was in Jr. High school. lol

    I never even tried to think of a meaning for the title......

    Let alone gain an interpretation from the story.

    The last time I watched it it kinda freaked me out. When he starts freaking out while watching the violence.... while they are putting dropps in his eyes while they are pried opened with those devices...he looks like one of the people I take care of...........

    Very good acting in that movie....

  17. \"Singing in the Rain\" is a song that I\'ve never been able to listen to anymore without that movie slamming into my brain!

    The book really is that good and since I\'ve taken so many friggin\' philosophy classes throughout all of my years in college, I tend to look at things a bit differently. Burgess went into great detail in the book and leads you on an expedition to try to discover more about the meaning of life and things related to the reasoning behind the meaning.

    Again...great movie!
  18. Yeah it is a good movie but its almost to weird for me ...
  19. i saw this movie for the first time when i was 10 ...ands many times sence..it is definitly up there as far as must see at least once type deals...
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