*A Chrystal Tent* part 2

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    So this is my 5th time around. I'll be growing 1 Nirvana Feminised Chrystal plant. I had great results last time. However my last grow ended after 5 weeks because I got greedy during veg and outgrew my tent:eek:. It was a feminised Special Kush#1 and in 5 weeks grew to WELL over 2 feet:devious:, WTF. I only have room for a small tent right now. I got tired of bending(snapping) branches doing an uneducated and forced LST. Anyways, pulled around 3.25-3.5oz last time I grew Chrystal so I am expecting her to bless me again:cool:.

    Epsoma organic potting mix which contains Mycotone(a proprietary blend of 11 different strains of mycorrhizae) lime and perlite

    Bar Harbour Blend premium potting soil

    Additional perlite


    FF trio of nutes

    4 gallon bucket

    Up to 325 watts of CFL during veg

    150watt Floralux HPS which will be combined with CFLs during flowering

    6"fan inside, and another very small box fan on the top vent stack for exhaust

    Secret Jardin DR40

    Smokin NL right now.....don't think I'm forgetting anything:)

    She just broke ground today while I was at work:D. Let's grow a beautiful lady, stay tuned :bongin:

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  2. looks good so far. it seems like you know what you're doing. hopefully you dont outgrow the tent with this one. good luck :smoke:
  3. Woooo! I'm stoked for you, brah. Way to get back on that bicycle fast. What's the plan on her training?
  4. The plan is to FIM and not outgrow my tent this time :cool:
  5. So just FIM and no LST? Not prodding, just curious, brah. I'm sure it'll turn out great either way :smoke:
  6. subbed to watch..i love those Dr tents!
  7. Hell yea man nice to see your back on this strain, I love this one.....:yay::bongin:
  8. Looking good bru bru. lol. Excited to see the chrystal tent is back. :cool:
  9. Not this time around. I can't be bothered. Between caring, researching and just plain looking at her I feel I spend too much time as it is. LST looks good but time consuming and I'm too much of a stoner to deal with it right now. :D. Plus I did pretty well last time with no LST.
  10. Day 3

    Not much to say today. Small daily doses of water with a touch of Superthrive. This little seedling already has 2 roots poking out the drain holes. They are like iceburgs, hiding so much under the surface. Changed up my light arrangement and moved the fan to the opposite corner and temps dropped a few degrees. My boy is interested in helping me expand and is ready to buy me a longer tent so I can fir 4-5 4gal buckets in there. Unfortunately because my closet is long and narrow I can't find a tent that is taller to fit in there. So I have more room for more plants, but not confident I could happily grow a Sativa in there because of height restrictions. This is what I'm looking at High Tech Garden Supply. I would need another HPS and one of those blowers and a carbon filter. Maybe in a few weeks a can swing it. Till next time :bongin:

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  11. :):wave:

    I am excited too. I wanted to try something new, ie: the special Kush, but after that disaster I decided to pop another Chrystal seed and order some more seeds after I get set up with another tent. I know what to expect from this strain and need a big yield until the new set up is purchased. I hope thats before I harvest this one though:rolleyes:;). Ideally I would like to harvest every 4-6 weeks if I can swing it.
  12. Thanks, ill be closely comparing this one to my last Chrystal grow.

    I love mine, just wish I had room for a bigger one. I think they are some of the nicest tents on the market.

    Yeah Herbal, can't grow wrong with this one. Unforgiving Indica high:cool:.
  13. Day 5

    I expect growth to start picking up soon. My paranoid ass is already comparing her to my last Chrystal grow:eek:, and they are almost identical. We'll see if I can say that again in 2 weeks:cool:. Just like last time she'll be getting the seedling dose of GB tomorrow. Till next time :bongin:

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  14. At least you have something to compare to :D

    Lookin perky, gix :)
  15. Still a little depressed the Kush grew out of control for my tent size, oh well:eek:. I should have the new tent before this grow finishes so I can have new babies started before harvest:rolleyes:.
  16. If I were you I'd take it as a sign that I should be growing MONSTERS!!!!

    One of these days, right? ;)
  17. Day 9

    Watered and fed her a little GB 2 days ago. Might be getting that new tent in a week or two, my buddy is anxious to help me expand:). There are roots showing but I don't plan on transplanting for at least a few days. Till next time :bongin:

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  18. Day 10

    Transplant day

    Roots have been coming out of the cup for a week now so I decided today is the day. Unfortunately I couldn't get anymore of the Bar Harbour potting soil today so it will be all Epsoma this time around. I mixed their regular Organic mix with their seedling mix and additional perlite. The mix is at least 1/3 perlite. Watered her with GB, Superthrive and a little Epsom salt. Changed up the lights again to mimic my setup from the last Chrystal grow. Hopefully recovery time is short. Till next time :bongin:

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  19. She looks good man.

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