A Child's Garden of Grass

Discussion in 'General' started by Perpetual Burn, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. how do u download from that site u gotta sign up ? it kept brining up my itunes
  2. you gotta sign up, there are some that are just links to the album in itunes, but most of them are links to zip files that have the whole album artwork and all u jus gtta click the non itunes link
  3. I found it, the www was usless but LimeWire came through like a champ and I found it!

    This shit is hilarious. I suggest getting completely ripped and get preparred to laugh your ass off. This is by far the funniest Cannabis album I have ever heard (not competing against much.)

    Here is a link for you guys to download (I hope it works.)

    A Child's Garden of Grass

    It can also be found on LimeWire.
  4. use www.bugmenot.com
  5. Ahh, come on, somebody has got to give this album a shot. You will love it.

    Someone tell me I'm wrong and I'll shut up about it.
  6. I listened to it. Definatly not what I was expecting. lol Fuckn freaked me out. Awesome find man
  7. Thanks, man.

    It's not freaky at all, haha... just a few crazy stoners messing around in 1971. That's why hardly anyone, even on the internet, has heard of it.
  8. someone gonna put this on a real download site? all the slots are always full on that one yo.
  9. What site should I put it on?

    Like I said, it can be found on LimeWire aswell.
  10. I added a couple links in the first post so hopefully more people can download it.

    Does anybody have a free site they'd recomend better than FileFactory?
  11. I think it'd be rad if we got like... multiple listeners up in this beast amirite.

    Final bump. Seriously guys, tis funny.

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