A chery bomb with a short fuse

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  1. It's hard to see the genetic deformities,as u can see plants healthy, it's auto won't flower I mean I have had this shit happen with crop king at least they set it right, I will give them that, by day 28 I should see some hair at least at the nodes, as I said this has happened before my urge is to kill it and start something else, it's clocks tickin,no pistols next thru.......well let's not get into the unpleasantness, Snoleperd
  2. da fuck?

    maybe you didn't get an auto, have you tried a 12-12 light cycle yet? no sense chopping till you covered all your basses
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  3. Yea I thought of that and of course I am going to try it, as I said this happened before great plant no flowers. My stitch van kush auto by flash popped yesterday so things are happening. SNOLEPERD
  4. The 12 12 sleep cycle is required for flower growth

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  5. Not in an auto, time, not light cycle will make an auto flower flower ( say that 3 times fast ) by day 30 an auto will begin to flower if not sooner, this problem happened to me with crop king the plants r fine they won't flower and where the 2 pistols at the node there r 2 verticle spikes, so the rest of that batch is probably stoked,they gave me a free berry bomb auto so I planted 1 tiny bean with a micro tap root, i bought some og kush auto from Nirvana and they dont want to pop, i paid $60 4 3 flash seeds one seedling had the seed shell welded to the top and I killed it trying 2 remove it, dropped 1, and now im trying to get the last 1 2 pop, Snoleperd is haveing a terrible time here, this shit just does not happen2 me, well when something happens i will let u know.

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