A challenge for my fellow stoners:

Discussion in 'General' started by EGor35, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Use your phone with your non-dominant hand. It makes you focus!
  2. This was tired with my left (nd) hand on my phone. choose I'm using Swype though, and I've been working on my left seen

    + this was typed
    + course I'm using
    + my left arm
  3. Yeah because we should be inspiring people to put more focus on their phones
  4. I usually use my left even tho im right handed
  5. Same here man, I literally do everything else with my right but when it comes to my phone it just feels awkward if it's not in my left hand.
  6. At least your not hypocritical.

    Haters gon' hate.

  7. I'm ambidextrous so suck it. :cool:
  8. Spelling Bees work pretty well too...I kick the shit out of all the little kids.

    Can't spell "Peace," hand that shit over...Show you how we roll here, don't worry, I got this.:cool:
  9. jokes on you. I'm ambidextrous.

    let's ambidextrous high five. so like high ten. :bongin:
  10. I think ill learn to juggle tomorrow

  11. All the cool cats are doing it. And by cool cats I mean dank kitties, i.e. I'm a faggot.

  12. Yup, haters will hate. :D
  13. I laughed way too loud at this
  14. Ambidextrous as well, yo.
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    There's an awful lot of ambi-capped people here. Me as well :)

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