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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by geologyrox, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. Well, I went up to see some friends of mine from college, and to get some forms filled out by my old advisor. I went up a night early, cuz I wanted us to do dinner or something. We ended up hanging out at one of their houses, smoked a bit, drank a bit, watched too much of the movie "Jeepers Creepers" and then I went home with one of my other friends (thought about staying, but figured that my first night away from my husband shouldn't be spent in some other guys bed =P)

    Anyways, I'm anal about not looking the part of a stoner. I dress nicely, keep my nails manicured, nice hair, i basically look the part of a young professional. I keep anything I carry on me in a hidden pouch in my purse. I'm practically religious about it. When I woke up a little late the next morning, though, I didnt check. So when I was checking in at the advising center, and the woman reached for my ID, and tipped my purse on its side. out rolled my beautiful glass spoon, which broke into two pieces and spun around on the floor conspicuously. I don't know that I've been more embarrassed. There wasn't anyone waiting, and the lady didn't have a good view, but a janitor passing through just *stared*. Big 300lb hulking black man. I grabbed it up quick and did myself proud by not freaking out, but DAMN. I was practically shaking.

    I'm not even as sad as I should be (considering that it was a *GREAT* little pipe) because I kind of consider it punishment for breaking one of my secrecy rules. I could have gotten myself in a lot of trouble if there had been more people there, or simply been followed by the janitor. I disposed of it as quickly as possible, and decided they would have no reason to be allowed to search me, as I could always say that I had just bought a tobacco pipe for my boyfriend. Still. Scary shit. And lost a good piece to boot. That'll learn me =P

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  2. well that sucks. i hate it when shit like that happens. especcially with a person like you who makes the extra effort to not get caught. ive never had something like that happen to me but its probably gonna happen cuz im a lazy mother fucker. i hate circumstance.
  3. That sucks, I broke a pipe when I was at school once, it was in my bag and someone thought it would be funny to kick my bag. They kicked it and all you could hear was a loud smash. I almost cried because the whole class was just looking at me and all I could do was pretend it wasn't important... going a little off topic but that happens sometimes.

    Anyway + rep for keeping a clean, respectable apperance, even though it didn't work
  4. oooh, I think i might have cried! I kept a stiff upper lip because it was my fault, but MAN I woulda been upset if someone had just been a dick and kicked my bag. =(

    EDIT: hey, we have the same number of posts! =P
  5. Yea it sucked, and it was a nice spoon to, no pics casue that was before I was on the city but it was purple and had a long shaft on it, so I didnt have to worry about burning my long hair with it, which happens every now and then :(. It really isnt all your fault, the other lady did tip your purse over, unless I miss read your post.

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