A Cat

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  1. I was walking to a friends and some kids in front of me ran off and then I head screaming from a house, they were calling me names and shit, I was afraid they would jump me or something, there were like 7 of them. I then went to a friends house, and I was depressed so she let me smoke the rest of her herb, and then later I tried to get a friend a friend to come for a walk with me to clear my mind, after an hour of trying I gave up and walked out. Outside I was getting fresh air when a car turns and floors it down the road, and I heard a thump and the car drove off with the dude looking in disgust or hatred. Down the road, a little furry guy was squirming, his eye was outside his head and he was just pumping blood from his nose.. God damn, I'm so fucked up... :cry: :mad: I hate this world..
  2. Wait, so you were depressed because some random kids in a house were calling you names? And about the cat, damn that's fucking sad and fucked up. People need to learn how to fucking drive in this goddamn country.
  3. Did you put the cat out of its misery? It would have been hard but that's the right thing to do. There's no way it was coming back from that
  4. The town feels the need to start rumors to get me called bitch cunt all sorts of shit, and then a guy fucking speeds into a cat what looked to be on purpose. God its so fucked up.

    I couldnt do it, I dont know if someone else did, when he saw me he tried flailing and stopped, and just stared on. I cant get the image out of my head..

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