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A case of the stretches :-S

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by d3111, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Here's my plant at 3 1/2 weeks.... its got a serious case of the stretches (relying on the British sunshine as she will be an outdoor plant)....

    I transferred her to a bigger pot a couple of days ago as the roots were showing through the smaller pot and damn... was that tricky moving her over without damaging the roots... i managed to transplant her into the bigger pot but even after covering the stem with soil she still bends over.. at the moment she is propped up against a lolly stick just so she can stay upright.... do you think i have destroyed her??? (a total newbie as you can see !!)...

    any comments would be gratefully received... :eek:


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  2. usually when u transplant when theyre young they do bend over and look like theyre dying and sometimes they do die but dont despair- most of the time it just takes a couple days to a week for them to perk up again-
  3. :D Nice one for that !! thanks.... she looks really healthy still though, her leaves are nice and green and the soil is still moist, will keep her propped up against the lolly stick and keep an eye on her... cheers again :)

  4. no problem, keep us posted on ur grow and good luck
  5. For the sake of the plant get it out of that cup and get it planted where ever you are going it put it. It looks nice but for 2 and a half weeks it's super small. At that age it should be a good sized plant close to a foot tall and several sets of nodes.
  6. On your next grow, use a Jiffy cup for initial planting of the seedling. That way, you an just bury the entire cup in the next pot with less stress on the plant. Your plant will lean towards the light. If it is toppling over, you need to watch how much water you are giving it. If that is a cup you have your plant in, you need to poke some holes in the bottom to allow drainage. Put a fan on it or open the window to let it get some air to help strengthen the stem.
  7. The plant has since been transplanted to another much bigger pot (although I know now for next time) and will be going outside (as i have a roof terrace so it will remain in the bigger pot).... all in all she seems healthy enough, her leaves are growing away since yesterday so it looks as if the transplant didnt harm her, she is still a little bendy but is supported by a stick at the mo... she is only being watered when the soil loses its moisture.... will post a better picture tomorrow, let me know what you guys think... thanks for all your feedback, its been very helpful ;)
  8. :D It appears that the transplanting didnt harm the plant, in fact she looks in better health than ever... (gonna post a pic later), by the time i got home from work yesterday she was bending over as if leaning towards more sunlight, this morning however she is standing up tall and looking good... one of you mentioned in your post that for how old she is she should be bigger... she is around 5 inches tall in height now, do you guys think that is a bit short (perhaps its to do with the strain ??) and is in fact an entire month old (sorry got confused cos had another plant that was planted later but died)... her stem is amazingly thin and weak, its worrying that (although they are strong plants) that she could easily bend over and break when she is outside (given the windy weather)..

    sorry for the vent, seems i am panicking a little... just want a plant thats smokeable...

    right gonna shut up now and do some more reading up on this...

    D3111 :smoking:

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