A Buzz Like No Other

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by flowerchild420, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. As I was tripping this weekend, I was sitting around and wrote this little poem about some of the buzzes I've had in the past. Just thought I would share..........

    A stiff, hard shot of jack
    Numbs the pain and helps me relax.
    A cold, frosty 12 pack of beer
    Eases my tension and relieves my fear.
    An overcrowded bar full of drugs and weed
    Makes this humble stoner fall down to her knees.
    A cheech and chong joint rolled up for one
    Shows me that my party for the night has begun.
    A couple of lines of crushed up powder
    Increases my sensitivity and makes voices seem louder.
    Three hits of the world's most powerful LSD
    Leads to hours of tripping, finally contemplating life with a tree.
    But the drain off an 80 miligram oxycontin.......
    Is to me the only buzz not soon forgotten.
    Because one of the side effects of this tiny, little pill......
    Is the awakening of a soul with a heart that is healed!!!!!
  2. would say its nice but it's evil! Drugs are bad :D
  3. True, true.......LOL.......

    Drugs are good,
    Too many drugs can be bad.
    I hate men that think they're the shit,
    I wish they would all fall in a bottomless pit.
    My life is pathetic and I have only one point.......
    Will someone please smoke just one fucking joint!!!!
  4. lol, nice :D
  5. fuckin' awesome poem flowerchild! i mean it, it's really wicked!

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