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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Splifster, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. well got them pics finally. heres a pic of some 50s we had up here a week or so ago.

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  2. another bud, thats a full sized pint cup.

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  3. Heres a nug of some good mids that go for 30 an 8th

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  4. heres a top view of my bowl, about 2 days after i got it

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  5. cost me $50 at a local head shop, nice thick glass, color changing, and has a nice squarish mouthpiece, lemme know what you think, i can get the biggest rips from this piece.

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  6. That looks nice, I need to buy a spoon. I usually just make shit that works. ^_^
  7. really dig the flat mouth piece and the carb, nice piece
  8. Flattened mouth pieces are nice. Carb needs to be swapped to the other side though. Other than that, nice piece.
  9. nice pics mate. my only gripe is that you bought a glass piece without it being inside-out...

    fluming on the inside is better...
  10. Yea, My last bowl that I got was inside out, and it broke the day I got it. I was initially going to get an inside out but i saw that and liked it, its real thick glass.

  11. thats the one thing i hate about carbs. i'm a lefty and i always use that hand to light a bowl and carbs can be a pain sometimes. thats why i love my slide bowl.:)
  12. nice buds nice piece happy tokin
  13. No offense but that's a 15-20 dollar pipe tops.
  14. How do you know? It's thick as fuck nice color changing and rips like a monster. 20 piece if it was thin glass no color changing maybe, otherwise dont talk.
  15. nice looking buds you got there, and the pipe looks ike a good one too........Peace out........Sid
  16. its some nice bud and the pipe looks good too.
  17. I'm gonna have to agree, $50 seems a little steep for that spoon. No harm intended, though. It's a nice looking piece.
  18. Yea, none taken. I mean of course prices at the headshops around here are gonna be ridiculous im in a town which has a college with 30,000 kids. But i dont think youll find it for $20.
  20. WTF is a carb??? Around here We Call that Baby The *ShotGun* !

    Nice Pipe Dude,Just bought my new Glass Peice Yesterday.

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