A bunch of pics of my stealth rubbermaid setup being put together

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by latro, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. hey man where did u find those Y socket spitters because i can't find them anywhere
  2. props man thats a sweet setup.

  3. Surprising, they're very basic. Any hardware store like home depot or Lowe's should have them, but I'd be willing to bet that wal-mart would too
  4. I've seen them in all 3 of those locations. I've also seen them at Target.
  5. dude that is fucking gnarly! so perfect, no one would have the SLIGHTEST idea that you're growing in there. so stealthy. how much did that run you? and how many plants can you fit in there, two?
  6. should put a little bowl of water in the bottom of the container. that should boost the humidity a considerable amount especially since is basically 95% sealed.
  7. Is foil tape like aluminum foil ? or does it reflect less heat? just curious i found some in my garage.
  8. Great pictures on how to make the set up. Do you know how much you cost was for the original box and everything else you used to make everything?
  9. ummmm the thread is a year old, and everything was described above....put the bong down and slowly step away...you may have reached the point where smoking more will not result in getting you higher. ;)
  10. yes but this is a good thread and should be bumped.
  11. you are soooooooo right. if it wasn't for this thread i probably wouldn't be growing again. it gave me plenty of ideas for building a stealth box and a good strain to put into it, all fairly cheap too. i built myself a better lighting setup for it, but the idea remained the same. now it's my veg cab because stealth isn't an issue anymore. in any event, definitely worthy of a bump.
  12. Gang, I am so excited about starting my grow box!
  13. deff using this.
    best one ive seen so far

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