A bunch of pics of my stealth rubbermaid setup being put together

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by latro, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. I had some of the supplies already sitting around my house. I just added everything up though that I bought and it's more than I would have thought it cost. :eek: For some reason I kind of had the idea that it would be cheaper to grow.... it probably is in the long run.

    2x 35gal sterilite storage bins: $20
    Foam sealant tape: $3
    PVC/ABS pipe and fittings: $9 (already had alot of it)
    3x Foil Tape rolls: $22
    120mm fan: $0 (already had)
    92mm fan: $0 (already had)
    80mm fan: $0 (already had)
    2x 12-volt wall adapters: $0 (already had)
    Activated carbon: $12
    Fish filter bags: $2
    Dryer vent: $0 (already had)
    Box supplies total: $68

    3x Clip-on lamp: $24
    3x Light socket splitter: $8
    10 various CFL bulbs: $30
    Digital light timer: $15
    Thermometer/Hygrometer: $7
    Extension cord: $12
    Power strip: $3
    Light supply total: $99

    Pots/trays: $10
    Seed starting mix: $5
    Potting soil: $8
    Distilled water: $3
    pH Meter: $8
    No Pest strip: $7
    Nutes: $5
    Soil/etc supply total: $46

    Total: $213

    And that's not counting the cost of seeds.
  2. Heh my wife was just bitchin about how much it was costing for all the supplies, I was like "you wanna just keep payin $50/half for dirt weed?", she STFU pretty quick lol
  3. you can cut those prices in half pretty easily if you shop smart and have a little bit of do it yourself.
  4. This design is exactly what I have been looking for

    Could you please post the measurements on the fittings?
  5. props dude very nice
  6. It's a 3" to 2" tee for the intake with two 2" elbows and 2" pipe. I don't think it's quite enough intake though so you would probably be better off just using something like some dryer vent tube and snaking it around a bit to trap the light. That's probably what I would do if I was to start over again.
  7. smart when we all think of stealth its mostly just a wooden box or cheesy comp. smart thinking about the old packed away storage tubs idea. how much did that run ya?
  8. i dunno if i already posted but my box is the same way. i had the feeling i bit someones idea...:(
  9. Just givin you props for the thread, it's pretty much what I recreated exactly. . lol
    cept I put the intake and exhaust on opposite sides and no carbon filter
    With one 120 mm pc fan, a cheapo walmart 7" inch fan and 4 26 watters she's running ~86 degrees.
    But it's significantly cooler than yesterday when it was running well over 110 :eek: (before I setup an intake/exhaust)
    So I wouldn't discredit your exhaust setup so quick. . seems legit to me :cool:
    I'm hopin one more pc fan will do the trick for the temps for me
  10. Yeah, I'm sure I could have handled the intake and exhaust better. I've had temps as high as 88º during my grow. That was with 180 watts of CFL's. My basement usually stays pretty cool and those higher temps were during really warm days so I'm betting it won't even be an issue once winter hits.

    When I get done with my current grow though, I'm going to rethink things some more and see if I can come up with something that's stays little cooler when I'm running all the bulbs.
  11. sweet build man, like the zip ties
  12. hey could anyone tell me how to hook up the computer fans for the intake and exhaust? Supplies as well. Thanks.
  13. Any reports as to smell yet?
  14. I removed all the carbon from the dryer vent because it was restricting the air flow too much, so yeah, you could definitely smell the plant. I didn't grow a very big one though so it wasn't too bad. A few air fresheners pretty much took care of everything. Nobody that was over ever noticed or commented on any smell anyways.

    I actually just harvested today and I now have the bud drying in the box. I think this is the most I've noticed the smell so far.
  15. hey i just looked at this thread today and i love your setup but was it 24$ for each light or for all of them and where did your get them at
  16. All of them. They were $7.99 each at Lowe's. You can probably come up with something cheaper though.... I'm not sure how much those cheap clamp lights are but they might work just as well.

  17. I got those same lights for 5 bucks at home depot.

    Get some y-splitters to double the output!

  18. I got the exact same lamps, actually. Unfortunately they don't seem to give you much liberty with moving them, so I'll probably be rigging up an alternate way to raise and lower the lights in my set up as well.

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