A bunch of pics of my stealth rubbermaid setup being put together

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  1. how did u hook up the fans im getting a hydro set and i am lookin for a carbon fans
  2. How's the box working out?
  3. 12-volt wall adapters. I had a couple laying around from old cell phones.

    Not too bad. Right now I've only got one plant in it and it's turned out to be a runt. It's looking really healthy but it's just super small. I don't know if that's because of my box or the soil I'm using or the type of plant (Lowryder#2) or something else. Some pics here http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/434997-all-normal-extra-small-plant-15-days-2.html
  4. Looks small, but really healthy. Have you finalized the carbon filter / fan? How's the temps holding in the box?
  5. The temps are good. They hang around 75 to 81. That's with 124 watts of CFL's.

    I've kind of given up on doing anythign more with the carbon filter. There's no smell yet so I'll worry about it later.
  6. awesome, i plan on using this same style,, is it a passive intake? and u got a grow journal?
  7. Yeah, passive intake. No grow journal yet but I'm thinking about getting one going. I'm already 3+ weeks into my grow and I've taken a lot of picture along the way.
  8. damn thats super stealth, congrats on this onee......just wondering how you'll raise your lights, and will the plants have enough room to expand and grow high?
  9. The box is 3 feet tall so there is enough room for a couple small plants.

    I'm using those clamp-on lamps and they can be moved all around and extend pretty high. The box also has a couple of grooves in the top that I've cut some dowels to fit in that can be hanged across to support lights at the very top.
  10. oh 3 feet is pretty good, and those lamps seem useful, where did u get them by the way?
  11. Lowe's. They were $7 each.
  12. is it possible for u to grow a pound in this box?? i like the set up..and am very new to it...but definitely would like to try...i was in target last night and i ran across the bins...lol..very tempting....seriously...i see all of the equipment you brought...and it seems like i can purchase the same and try it...i'm curious to know how many of these bins would i need (and seeds) if i wanted to grow a pound?....how many plants can you fit inside....? again i'm new..and just looking for a few answers so i can have a better idea of things...thanks!
  13. You would need a lot more room and more plants to get that much. I'll be happy if I can get an ounce.
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    My basic understanding is if you LST your plants early, you might get 1 or 2 oz in that small space.

    I've been contemplating what kind of set up to grow in, and this looks like it may be the winner.

    Glad you got the temperature regulated. My advice would've been arab air conditioning. They used to put huge tubs of water by windows in their palaces. Wind would blow through the window after being cooled by the water. Hence, air conditioning. 500 A.D style.

    Only difference is get an ice tray, fill it with water, put it directly under the intake fan. cool air, possible misting if the fans blow too hard, though.


    Will this work if I buy a 15 gallon two plant hydro reservoir and put it inside one of these out of two 30 gallons?
  15. I finally got a grow journal up if anyone is interested:


    I'm not sure how much room those 15 gallon reservoirs use. I can tell you that the base of the bins I have is 14.5"x27" and then get bigger towards the top. They are each 18" high
  16. CONGRATS!!! hahaha

    I did this for my first..experience and let me tell you it was going perfect, my two babbies were growing nice and tall there was nothing standing in their way lol

    I switched to 12/12 and upped the light to a 400w Hps.

    Even with a 200cfm fan my plants were allready a 4 feet tall, I had 4 tubs stacked tall, the heat was just to much for the diameter of those tubs. It all went to shambels:(

    Ide only suggest a better ventalation system sayy with an addition tub to the side with an in strong fan and run a short amount of that flexible ducting between the tubs for your intake and outake. Your light included in that exhaust with those glass tube thingy that goes around the bulb hah I can't think of the name right now.

    If I were to grow tomatoes like you in that box again;) for a second attemt thats all I would incorporate. Hope it helped:)
  17. Thanks for the tips. I definitely could have worked on the ventilation some more. It's not perfectly ideal temps but it's doing okay so far.

    I definitely won't be running HPS lighting in this though. I'm sure that's where most of your heat problems came from. This is strictly a CFL grow.
  18. Is there any way you could list your starting materials and approximate prices?
  19. I have a very similar setup and similar problem. 2 35 gal rubbermaids stacked and sealed with two computer fans for intakes. i had a 4 in inline duct from my last grow box that i have helping pull air through the top vents but temps are still too hot. with all 8 of my CFL's and the second 4 in. inline fan i added today, the temperatures reached 99!. not sure what to do about the temps at this point. I may try adding my humidifyer. I have a desk fan i can put in there but not until my last wimpy grown finishes drying. hrmph :-/

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