A bunch of pics of my stealth rubbermaid setup being put together

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by latro, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. I just went to the pet store and bought the activated carbon and some fish filter bags. Filled the bags with the carbon, and then put them in the dryer vent. That dryer vent had a plastic grill to contain everything inside.

    I don't think it's going to work all that well though because I had to cut back how much carbon I had in it since the fan wasn't nearly powerful enough to suck the air through when it was stuffed full.
  2. Nicely done. +rep. I was seriouslly considering a pc case grow, but this looks even better.

    Instead of using foil tape to line the insides, did you consider using another material? I would think that a couple of these would work nicely.

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Hopkins-Subzero-17511-Season-Windshield/dp/B000CMHVBC]Amazon.com: Hopkins Subzero 17511 All Season Windshield Screen 70" x 29": Automotive[/ame]
  3. It would be hard to keep all the light from escaping with one of those. There are little divots and curves everywhere that are easy to mold the foil tape around. I also put weatherstripping on the underside of the lid edges so that no light escapes from that seal.

    I have been told that foil isn't ideal for reflection though. Just painting the insides flat white would have better for that, but it wouldn't have helped much with keeping the light from getting out. These things lit up like a pumpkin before putting the foil tape on them.
  4. LOL! That must have looked kinda funny at first. I'm seriously considering this. My wife does not want me to grow in our house, but we have a 4 foot crawlspace in part of our basement that's already loaded up with a few totes of miscellaneous crap... 2 more wouldn't be noticed at all. All I'd have to worry about then is "honey...where did all this weed come from?" LOL:rolleyes:

    I'd double the # of intake and output fans and use 4 of these. Two on the input and two on the output with the ghetto carbon filter. 50CFM with a pretty low noise factor.
    Newegg.com - Thermaltake A2492 120mm Case Fan - Case Fans
  5. I run a stealth rubbermaid box, and my 120mm case fan is gorgeous. EXCEPT that it is useless witth a filter. I just dont think they have the strength for it.
  6. i may sound dumb but i just wanna get my shit straight... Did you put the fan before the carbon filter so it blows the exhaust air into it or did you put the fan after the filter so it sucks the air through the filter??
  7. It looks to me like the first computer fan was just for circulation and the filter sucks the air, right?
  8. I put the fan then the filter. pushing air through. I dont think pulling air through would make too much different? I've seen it done both ways.
  9. I did the filter then the fan so the fan is sucking the air through the filter... but like Go-Rizla said, these case fans really aren't powerful enough to make a good carbon filter. I had to remove a lot of the carbon because it just wasn't sucking anything through.
  10. IDK if this might help. Mines in the mail, but it looks good. I figured for 30 bucks, I'll be the guinea pig. 4" inline Fan (I didnt find that fan, its in a post here somewhere. I dont feel like searching)
  11. That looks like it would probably work. What do you plan to run it with? The 12v adapters I've been using are all only around .5amps. Or does it come with it's own power supply.
  12. I have a link for an adapter on my desktop. I'll post it soon.
  13. Thank you for the inspiration to create my own rubbermaid grow box! :hello:

    I love your set up!
  14. That's a sick set up bro, all the hard work u put in that is gonna pay off with budzzzz
  15. Nicely done!
  16. Would putting more than one of the 120mm fans on the Carbon filter help with ventilation? Perhaps one behind to push air through and one in front to pull air? Or even doubling them up twon in front and two behind? I'm just guessing. I am deffinately thinking about doing this grow, I might use bigger rubbermaid containers so I can hold at least two or 3 plants in there, Im still germing about 25 seeds though so it might be a week before I start to even make that beast.
  17. Also you said that the foil tape dosent reflect that well? Why not get some glossy white poster paper/board then cut it to fit the flat sides of the box and tape it on the inside with the foil tape? Then it still wont light up like a Jack-O-Lantern and you get more reflected light, I know its a bit late in the process for you but that is what I might try. I cant wait to try this, im in a college apartment and I needed a stealthy way to grow some buds.
  18. Looks like you've planted tomatos lol.
  19. I think the inlne fan Go-Rizla posted would probably be the best solution. It seems like it'll move a lot of air.

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