A bunch of pics of my stealth rubbermaid setup being put together

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  1. Picked up a couple of large rubbermaid storage bins:

    Cut out the bottom of one bin:

    Cut out the lid of the other:

    Zip tie them together:

    Foil tape to line the bins and supplies to create an intake that will keep light out:

    Cutting a hole for the air intake:

    Yep, it fits nicely:

    Case fan, dryer vent, activated carbon:

    Turned it into a ghetto carbon filter which will suck the air out:

    Here's the business end of the bins:

    Yep, it's sucking air in nicely:

    All the other sides of the box are completely stealth:

    Some light supplies:

    Inside the box:


    It looks just like more crap stored in my basement. Nothing out of the ordinary here:

    And it's 100% light proof. Same pic, but with no camera flash.

    It's my first attempt so this is definitely a learning experience. I'm not sure how well it'll do for growing. I don't know if I would go the rubbermaid route again if I was to start over. It was a huge pain lining them with foil tape to keep all the light from escaping.

    I'm also a bit worried about temps. Right now it's been hanging around 79-82º and that's with only four 26 watt CFL's. I'm guessing I'll at the very least be doubling the amount of bulbs so I don't know how high the temp will climb.
  2. very nicely designed! i might have to use seom of your technique when i move into my apartment
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    what kind of Case fan are you using? MM and CFM? I have a similar setup, and I'm having trouble pushing air through the carbon scrubber. Are you pulling through?

    OHHHH!! is that a webcam installed inside? thats sick....
  4. The one inside the box is a 92mm and the one on the filter sucking air out is a 120mm fan. I'm not sure on CFM. I just pulled it out of an old computer and it didn't have that spec on it.

    It did have problems pulling the air through the carbon. I initially filled that entire dryer vent with carbon and when that didn't work I had to cut back the amount drastically. I don't know how well of a job it will actually do on odors down the road but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

    And, yeah, that's a webcam. I keep a server running 24/7 in the utility room right next to it and had that old webcam laying around so I thought why not. :)
  5. Thats a clean setup latro!! +rep

    Im gunna try that for my veg box, what kinda temps are you running?
  6. dude this is a good setup u got goin on here... good job

  7. Becuase people from the Shadow web will hack your webcam, and then mail pictures to the police!!!

    Honestly not sure if all stoners are paraniod enough to believe all the "shadow web" and tibetan embassy webcam hack storys, but it certainly made me unplug my camera for a few days:smoke:

    Good luck with the Microgrow man, looks good, and i love the look of the Filter pod, i'll be building my Carbon scrubber soon, and still looking into tecniques that have worked for other people.
  8. Likely too warm. It's been hanging at about 81º and that's with only 104 watts. I'll be adding 2nd fan to blow more air around inside the box before I get to the point of needing more bulbs.

    The humidity is also a little low I think (40%). What's the best way to get that up?

    If someone ever hacked into my system to the point of accessing my webcam, I would be a lot more worried about all the other stuff they could gain access to (quicken and bank account info, etc.) :)
  9. that's really nice, completely stealth. how easy is it to get in there and water and stuff though?
  10. Looks good. I've always wanted to do one of those. My cab is so obvious :eek:

  11. 81 is a little on the warm side..yes...however that is a good thing in your situation. Higher temperatures slow plant growth(keeping them short, like allowing them to fit in that box)...but too high of temperatures, or too much temperature fluctuation can cause that dreaded hermie condition.

    How many square feet are those boxes? If its 2 ft2 or less than your 104 watts is right at the minimum for your setup. If you need more light I would suggest side mounted floro's...As long as the plants have a little room to get away from the lights...or you can put some wire mesh around the lights to prevent the leaves from touching the bulbs(will burn your plants...prob wont catch on fire, but it will def stress them unnecessarily)

    To raise humidity you have a few options. A) A little ball of peat moss in a dish...this is the most commonly used method to raise humidity in animal enclosures...well, at the least the most common way I've found. B) A cup of (ice)water...this could serve two purposes...one would be to raise the humidity as the water evaporates and two (i dont have proof on this, only a hypothesis), it MIGHT lower the temperatures a bit and help them stay lower as you add more lights...maybe?

    Other than that, your setup looks AWESOME, clean as can be, and well thought out. You might have some height issues though unless you're using autoflower strains. You might want to think about making it a ScROG grow...ideal for your limited height...plus it allows for the most uniform use of light.
  12. Thanks for all the input and comments!

    I'm not sure of the square footage. Each bin is 18x30x18... so however you figure that out. But yeah, I'm doing an autoflowering strain (Lowryder #2).

    I'll have to give the icewater a try and see what happens with humidity.

    And, the box is really easy to get in and out of. Right now it's easy enough to reach down through the top but as I add more lights, it might get a little harder but I can also remove the bottom lid and pull the whole top half off if I need to.
  13. so its 1.5x2.5x2.5(in feet)that would make your total ft2 = 3.75 ft2 meaning you'll need a minimum of 188 watts in that little box of yours to give it 50 watt/ft2. With your sides being 2.5 feet you could try adding a couple 2 ft floro's to each side...I dont feel like looking up how much those cost or how many watts they can run...but I'd suggest you check it out...I'm busy thinking about how to cool my new potential grow room...I live in Oklahoma and the potential room is in the attic...not a good combo...weather has been consitently over 100 for the past two weeks...already...normally it doesn't get this hot til August...but I'm glad its happening because if I built the room this month I prob wouldn't have given as serious of thought to heat concerns seeing as I'm going to be using floro's.

    Let me know about the water! I've never actually tried it...it just makes sense that as the light particles transfer energy to the water the water would start to evaporate thus raising the RH.

    I totally has a brain fart on suggesting the ScROG...it would be quite the pain in the ass to try that considering you access box from the top...good call on the auto flower...you should have no problems there and if you do, check out a tutorial on LST(low stress training)

    Happy Growing! Good luck with everything.
  14. Wow this is amazing. If I ever start my small grow then I might have to try this. +rep.
  15. Well, bad news on the temperature front. I added 3 more bulbs (for a total of 180 watts) and the temp has rose to 89º.

    I haven't given the cups of ice a try yet, but even if that did work I'm not sure how bad I want to be opening the box multiple times a day to refresh the ice.

    I'm guessing I probably need to work on getting a better fan for sucking air out.
  16. I'm not sure how you would "stealthify" this...but here are some instructions for a really easy homemade A/C unit. All you need is a fan(which you already have going into your box), some copper tubing, a cooler, and a water pump. I'm sure you can use your imagination, but here are some instructions.

    Pete’s Homemade Air Conditioner | gmilburn.ca

    Good luck!
  17. Here's a couple thoughts I had relative to your temperature problem:

    1) Do you have a fan blowing air around inside the box, across the plants and lights? I couldn't tell from the pictures, but it sounds like you have an intake fan and an exhaust fan only. Try having a fan just blowing air around inside the box, positioned so that it blows across the top of the plants and through your lights. If possible, have it positioned in the box opposite and pointing generally towards the exhaust part of the box as well.

    2) Judging by your picture of the grow box from the outside (very nice stealthy grow box by the way, one of the best stealth ideas I've seen) it looks like there isn't much circulation in the room itself. What I mean is that, if the room that the grow box is in is getting warmer overall because of little air movement/ventilation then your temperatures will rise along with the temps of the room in general. Try to imagine the path that the air takes as it goes in, through and around your box. Are the intake and exhaust too close? Is there any fresh air getting to the box, or is it just forever circulating the same air?

    3) Regarding humidity, Here's the simplest way I found for making a low-output humidifier in an easy-to-do manner. Basically, take a trip down to your local pet store (that has aquariums), or a big superstore or whatever. What you want is a cheap (the cheapest they have) air pump for aquariums, an air stone, and a bit of plastic tubing to fit between the two. Cost me a total of $8 back when I made mine. Now, find a way to keep the airstone down at the bottom of a small container of water. I used duct tape for a while, but I don't recommend it as it breaks down and gets all icky. Use a rock or something, no metal though as it may corrode. So basically just have this container of water in with your plants, or near the air intake outside the box if you have no room. Bubble air through the air stone with your cheap air pump and there, you have a weak humidifier. Add a tiny drop of bleach in with the water, to prevent scum from growing in it (trust me, you want things nice and sterile in your grow box). You may just say 'Well why don't I just go buy a humidifier then' but let me mention that any commercial humidifier is going to give you way more humidity than you want, especially for such a small grow box. Even this little DIY humidifier may be too much, in which case just put it on a timer (another $5, no big deal). Make sure to keep the water level topped off, it may dry up quickly if temperatures are high so keep an eye on that (no water burns out the motor on the air pump after a while).

    Good luck, and again, nice stealthy setup. Hope it works out well for you.
  18. Thanks for the all the ideas.

    The box is in my basement and it typically stays nice and cool down there so I don't that's the problem.

    But yeah, I think my intake and exhaust may be too close together. I put them both on the same side of the box for stealth reasons but that might be causing some of my heat problems. Maybe I'll try grabbing some dryer vent tube and sending them in opposite directions to see what happens.
  19. Well, I had a pet aquarium bubbler and I put that into a bucket of water and when I held my hand over it, I could definitely feel teh moisture coming off so I thought you were right and that would do the trick on raising the humidity... surprisingly, it did nothing for humidity. When the lights were on it seemed to range from about 36% to 38% regardless of the bubbler being in the box.

    I had a cool mist humidifier sitting around and decided to give that a try and put it directly in the box. It's working really well. The humidity didn't go sky high (it's up to 49% now) and it's also drastically reducing my temperatures. The only problem is it requires you to use distilled water and it can go through over a gallon a day. Even at only 98 cents a gallon, that is going to add up fast. :eek:

    Pre-humidifier (80º / 36% RH):

    Humidifier (73º / 49% RH):
  20. how do u make the carbon scrubber??
    and where do you get the activated carbon from??

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