A Bunch of outdoor questions involving security and soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by monkeyking13, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. I had a couple of questions I was hoping somebody could help me out with.
    1. I heard companion planting (planting similar plants is the surrounding area) was a good idea for camouflage. My question is does anyone know of a good plant I could spread around my plants that grow easily to a good height over the season. I worry about bare spots and trails, so if there was something (cheap) I could spread around like grass seed to help those problems and make it hard for anyone to see, that would be great. Also, could this anyway help to control smell outdoors, my best plot is 150-200 yards from a trail that is rarely used during the fall (I hope).
    2. How long after a clone has rooted (10-18 days) can it be placed outside?
    3. My last years crop (my 1st) was eaten by deer, so I was planning on buying predator urine, putting some in a plastic soda bottle and punching holes in the side to prevent rain from diluting. This would be a good way for me to protect a couple different sites. Or does anyone have a better idea, I heard liquid fence was good as well.
    4. Miracle-grow; I know this will be controversial, but it would be sooo much easier for me to carry a 1 pound bag of M-G then a couple 50 pound organic. I was thinking of doing half and half, I was wondering if there is a big difference in quality or quantity? Organic growers give the impression that anything grown inorganic tastes like shit (some article said the guy would rather not smoke pot the smoke inorganically grown) and you will get cancer from smoking it.
    5. can moth-balls be any help in outdoor plots to keep vermin and bugs away or is that a bad idea?
    6. Can water crystals be added to an organic garden and it still be organic?
    What do you think of this soil;
    1 part wood ash (High in K with some P)
    1 part worm castings (For mainly N and others)
    1 part sand (aeration)
    5 parts existing topsoil
    With water crystals (does this hurt flavor, inorganic?)
    If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated. This would be pretty easy to get to my site; a sub for the worm castings that is lighter would be great.
    Should I put a layer of Sand, perlite, or gravel at the bottom of my hole to give the roots oxygen, does anyone recommend this?
    Can I shorten the flowering time or veg time of an African sativa by putting it in a 5 gallon pot? Would this help them finish earlier on 41st latitude?
    And one last question; can I take clones from a plant outdoors mid may, put them back inside to root, then place them outside in there own spot 20 days later? (Or am I losing it) For presexing plants using clones, can they be put back to veg cycle after they show sex, is this a good idea?
  2. That sucks about the deer man. well heres the deal on some of that stuff.

    Tomato plants are real cheap and hide weed plants pretty well, so you might consider that for security.

    As for that urine thing, ya know human hair keeps deer MILES from your grow spot. so if you can get some human hair, i'd suggest spreading it around.

    Miracle gro, i would suggest against heavy use, as it tends to make the stem grow to fast to support the plants weight and snap. but an occasional use can bring in a sweet harvest. Its all about balance, if you use the blue crystal kind, then water it in more that you think you need to.

    Theres nothing wrong with inorganic plants, as long as they're not sprayed down with amonia or anything wierd like that. Organic V. Inorganic is just a matter of preference.

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