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A bubbler or a bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DCIGS, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Okay so i want a piece that can cool the smoke down so i can take big cool hits, but at the same time im kinda looking for something i can take around with me. I was thinking about getting this little bong with a percolator or a bubbler. I just want cool hits.
  2. Go for the bubbler. Portability of a pipe with the water filtration of a bong, you really cant go wrong with a bubbler.

  3. Yah but the only reason why i question it is because many people say bubblers are useless that they dont cool the smoke or anything
  4. I've never had that problem with my bubbler. Always get smooth hits. The only downside i guess is you have to change the water often.
  5. for what youll spend on a bubbler you could get a nice sized tube.

    they hit way better & harder.

    also they are wayyy easier to clean.
  6. Your kind of asking for two different things.. Go for a steam roller (but that won't be very "smooth") Bongs are great, even small ones are amazing and really fun. One of my best friends has one thats about 7 inches and I used it a lot when I was at his place for a bit and it killed me.. Bubblers are cool but it's basically a glorified pipe with water in it.. One of my other friends just got one and says it's good.

    So my vote goes to the bong.
  7. Bubbler if you're looking for something more conspicuous. I went to my LHS and was able to talk down a 140$ bubb to a 90$ bubb with no tax lmao. Was a good day.
  8. It's called the bottle top bubbler, formally known as the bottle rocket bubbler. It's 32.99 on amazon. You can completely disassemble it. The chamber is any bottle. A 20oz soda bottle works best. It's awesome cause it milks, and it's portable. I just put it in a little plastic baggy, put that in a silk sack. Put the sack next to my sack (underwear) and then find a bottle.

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  9. You should make a vid of it milking :) I ordered one but can't get it for 3 more weeks.... The suspense has been killing me :p
  10. I love bubblers but they are a bitch jus to cash the bowl and a little harder to clean.i like bongs a little more jus cause mine has a perc and its easier to cash the bowl and easier to clean by taking everything apart.

    did you ever get anything op?

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