A Bright Shiny Red Square:)

Discussion in 'General' started by budgirl, May 20, 2006.

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  1. I get it. No more. I know. I am sorry to everyone I offended, and for breaking GC rules.But in some way, it pleased me to see the RED square. If you think about it, you are pretty popular to have that many people go to such extremes on the internet of infinite surfers.I always read the RED square peoples post first, wow! Say that 3 times fast! To see if I agree with the majority.So to me I feel pretty good about myself. Unless you got 5,6 or more green squares, one RED square is best.It takes alot of time to get those green squares. Lifes to short, I dont have that much free time.
  2. ok I get it but whats with the blue text?
  3. holly shit! nice pic!
  4. ok..............
  5. Hmmmm I can see now why you got your red squre lol. I dunno what you\'re talking about though with the reading people with bad reps posts first, gotta read them in order or sometimes shit doesn\'t make sense. How do the people with neg rep = the majority? Last time I checked most people aren\'t like you and want to have + rep.

    But yah unless you have tons of +rep then 1 -rep is the \'best\'!!! forsure:rolleyes:
    Clearly you aren\'t here to help the forum and add to the threads, like the rest of the blades who truely love grasscity.
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